• Yes it shoud bd given

    Because donating blood can save life and the one who donate he should be paid
    Without blood no one can live and the one who is trying to save someones life by donating blood should be paid . It will help both the patient and the donater. Like and give comment.

  • Donating blood should be paid

    Yes because there are many poor people in the world that get a chance to earn a small amount by selling their blood and when hospitals are in urgent need of blood, they will find it easier to get because of the blood banks which could store the sold blood.If people want to donate they should also be able to donate freely

  • It is a service

    I believe that donating blood is a great service and is very valuable in the medical world, however, if a person is taking time out of their day, usually hours, then it's only fair that they get something in return. The act of kindness is great and for most people it is enough but if people were paid to donate then blood banks would never have to worry about running out. People are constantly looking for a while to make a few extra dollars, especially during the holidays so why not offer a cash incentive for donating needed blood?

  • It is not necessary, and could quickly become corrupt.

    Those that do donate blood, feel that they are helping others and do not have the incentive to make a profit. There are plenty of people who are willing to donate their blood without getting paid which should be continued. In some cases such as poop banks, where the standards are very high, people are paid so that they do the best they can to maintain a healthy digestive system and life for those receiving fmts. However, since there are so many readily donors for blood it is different. Also blood donation tests are not heavily screened, which could convince poor people who do pass the blood donation health standard but are not healthy to donate. Tgis would continue to decline theur health. Also since these tests are not heavily screened, a person who is of I'll health may do these tests for money, which would mean the blood bank want receiving blood of the uptmost quality. Those who are sick and need blood infusions, should be able to hope the quality of blood they are receiving is healthy and high. This is only possible is money is not an incentive for people to donate blood.

  • No, it is a donation.

    Giving blood is not something that we should be paid for because we are making a donation to help save lives and make others lives easier when the time comes. It is not required for us to go donate it and no one is making us so there is no reason to be paid.

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