• I wait months for a groupon deal!

    I don't play with money. I simply cannot afford to. We have 2 kids, 2 car payments, rent, bills, etc, etc, etc. The ONLY time we can afford to go out and eat is when a huge coupon deal is posted online for restaurants (80% off entire bill). This is only time I can afford to eat out with my children and it is the only time I am not on the stove slaving my butt off. It's the only time I don't feel guilty wasting my minimum wage earnings to treat myself and my family. Now you're telling me I can have my once in a while meal out because I cannot afford to pay an extra $10-$20 for the waiter? Give me a break!

  • Yes, a person can still eat out if not able to tip.

    There are other options for meals outside the home that do not involve tipping. There are restaurants where one orders at the counter and receives food at that point. Buffets are another option where it is not necessary to leave a tip as the service from a waiter would be very limited.

  • Tipping more business

    I would eat out more if I didn't have to tip. The business are the one's that are suffering. As I said I would eat out more if I didn't have to tip. Think about it if you leave $1.50 for each $10.00 your meal is that's over $800.00 a year at 25 to 45 dollars a meal for the 2 of us.
    Yes pay your employees more and put up a sign
    NO TIPPING you would get more business.
    Signed stop tipping

  • Tipping is an archaic, unhealthy, and illogical practice.

    I mainly play with credit cards, I don't ever have cash on me. And it's a pain knowing I want to go out to eat, but that I will have to find some cash because restaurants can't properly factor in their staffs wages into their prices. It makes ZERO sense to have waiting staff rely on customer tip, when obviously if you have waiters you have a business that isn't at least closed, if you're so broke you can't afford to directly pay your waiters, how are you in business? I think the whole ordeal is very shifty. What if you had to tip the people at mcdonalds who took your order? The cashier at your grocery store? Your doctor? You are already paying for their service in a restaurant, you are already paying for the food, so why is it so hard to factor in appropriately paying your staff so the customer doesn't have to deal with that?

    'If you do not tip, then that means the server basically paid for you to eat at the restaurant!' Wow so all of that food you paid for....... You didn't pay for that, 40 dollars went out of your banking account, but because an extra 5~10 dollars didn't go to the waitress, suddenly she paid for all of your food? I would like if I didn't tip and suddenly the waiters paid for my food, that would be A-MEI-ZING.

  • It helps to keep the business afloat.

    I personally would like the minimum tipped wage to be abolished, and the front of house staff be paid at least the proper minimum wage. It is the business to figure out how much running the business cost, and set theirs prices according (or set a service charge). When you eat out, you are helping to support the business, which in turn keep those those servers/wait staff employed. If the server/wait staff complain about me not tipping, I will not patron that restaurant again. One less customer isn't going hurt that business.

  • On Personal Tipping

    Tipping is obviously optional. Restaurants have made it optional. Restaurants that do not make it optional tell you before ordering, usually printing it in the menu or with a table card. If tipping, as some argue, is for the purpose of paying for the service, then restaurants must pay servers or close their business of serving customers.

  • Tips do help people feed themselves. However it is wrong that it's the costumer is supposed to make up for that instead of the restaurants.

    Basically I agree with both sides. Here is why. When you have little money, you should be able to go out and enjoy a meal without being forced to pay extra. The bill shows what you have to pay. The rest is extra and should not be expected. However it is also true that servers get underpaid. However what's wrong with that is the system. Not the costumer for not tipping. A person's income should NOT depend on tips, but on a set wage. Also if we are talking about UNFAIR. How is it fair they get tipped, while all other people who get underpaid (factory workers, cleaners, etc. etc.) do not get tips.

    It's wrong to expect people to pay extra or to deny them a fun night out because they can't afford to pay extra. I have below minimum income, but I go to out to eat. Honestly I can't afford that at all, but if you stay cooped up at home all the time you'll go depressed. I have less money then the people serving me. So I won't tip much if at all. I put aside money every week so I can go out with a friend or my mom once in a while. I will not let people guilt trip me so I can never go out again. THAT is unfair, that those with little money can't do anything fun ever.

    It is unfair their pays depend on tips. THAT IS HORRIBLE. What should change is the system. Restaurants need to pay their staff properly!

    Do not expect to costumers to pick up the slack of a corrupt system. The only thing they should pay is the actual bill, And maybe if everyone started doing that instead of guilt tripping people who feel it's unfair to pay extra (also compared to how other low wage people never get tips) the system would change and tips would not even be needed anymore.

    I tip when I can. When I have a good period I can spare a few extra bucks as a tip. So when I can I will. But when I can't I won't. And I won't let myself be guilt tripped by people because it's not my responsibility people get paid well. It's the restaurants. And its about them these criminals are forced to pay their staff properly!

  • Working for tips was a choice the server made when they applied to be a server.

    Sometimes the server only does the minimum anyway. If all they did was take my order, bring me my order, and bring me to the bill, they've done the minimum requirement for me to spend ANY money. It's like tipping your cashier at WalMart, they did so little that it would have been impossible to give the restaurant any business if they did less. I get that servers aren't paid well, and are often waged at less than minimum. That said, they are promised minimum wage (if they don't get there in tips, the restaurant has to pay them at least minimum wage) by federal law. Working as a tipped employee is a gamble- you might be a lot more than you can get somewhere else, you might be a lot less, but at the end of the day, the server chose to be a server instead of working in retail, a factory, or any other sector that has employment for similarly qualified people. I didn't make them get a job as a tipped employee.

  • Tips are all a lot of us have.

    I get paid $4.85 while delivery driving. That's not a lot at all nor is it enough to pay for my apartment. If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford delivery, and you damn sure can't afford to go out to eat. Literally anything is better than nothing whether it be $1, $3, or hopefully above that. I work my ass off along with thousands of others out there. College isn't cheap. Housing isn't cheap. Cars aren't cheap. Don't be stingy nor rude. We're trying to make a living.

  • If you cant' afford to tip go to Mcdonald's or some other self service restaurant.

    Simple as the title says. If you can't afford to tip then go to a fast food style restaurant. The workers there typically make at least a little more than minimum wage since they're untipped employees.
    People that go out to eat and don't tip have something mentally wrong with them.

  • You are actively stealing if you don't tip at least marginally.

    The IRS assumes (correctly) that everyone in a tipping profession will average, at minimum, 8% of sales in tips and taxes them accordingly. As such, it costs the server over 2% of your bill to serve you. If you stiff a server on a 50 dollar check, the IRS will tax them as if you gave them a 4 dollar tip and the server will be a dollar poorer than if you had never dined at all. Unless the server has done something so woefully inadequate that they deserve to literally pay for it, failure to tip is actually stealing money out of the pocket of another.

  • No, If you can't tip stay home or get fast food.

    I've been managing restaurants for over 10 years and now own one. The fact is most people have no idea what a deal they are getting by eating out, you have no clue how much it costs to have your food served to you. If we were to pay service staff an hourly wage it would pretty much increase all the menu items by at least 20%. The average annual profit for a restaurant is 6%, by comparison retail is 35% average, accounting has 22%, and a marketing firm has an average 18% profit. Plain and simple people aren't willing to pay what food costs us to make you now, why would you think that a restaurateur should work 90+ hours a week and have to raise prices by 20-30% just because the general public is ignorant as to what it takes to run a restaurant?

  • If you can't tell your server you are not tipping because you are against American dining etiquette, then you agree with tipping.

    Dining out is a luxury, not a necessity. It is a luxury to have a server to wait on you hand and foot to get everything you need from extra ranch to extra plates. You literally do not have to get up. The only thing getting up is your wrist to cut a steak or just to use a spoon. Servers solely rely on tips and work extra hard to cater to more than one diner. Put the apron on and try it for a month to see what it is like, and you'll see what it's like to be used like crazy by a diner only to be rewarded 10%.

  • Dining out is not foraging for foods in the jungle.

    Dining out is a luxury, not a necessity. If you can't afford to leave a decent tip, a measly 15-20%, then you can't afford to eat out. You're sending a server to fetch every little thing you need. If you can't afford a high entree price and to tip the server, then go to the groceries to make a family dinner. Order take out. You are not using another human being to cater to your every whims. If you do not understand that concept, then put on the apron and give it a try for an entire year.

  • There is no such thing as not being able to afford to tip

    All you are doing is saying you want to use all of your money on the product (food) at the expense of the service (dining out at a desirable restaurant). You're asking someone to appreciate your situation without respecting theirs. You want to be served without compensating for that service.

  • Dining is a recreational activity, not a need

    There are certain standards that are required when dining out, and tipping is one them. Fast-food provides low-cost eating out opportunities for people who do not have incomes to support regular dining out expenditures. These businesses are structured differently (both customer-wise and financially) than a service-oriented dining establishment. A service-oriented dining establishment is able to continue to exist because of the economics of the restaurant business.

    In restaurant economics, staff are paid below-minimum wages, with the expectation that gratuities will normalize their incomes. These low wages allow restaurant owners to price their food at lower margins. The reliance on tips encourages service-staff to provide excellent levels of service to get a tip. What ignorant customers fail to realize is that the server, not the restaurant, dictates the level of service you receive.

  • If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out. PERIOD.

    Servers are paid below minimum wage. A server's tips goes a long ways. The entire restaurant works as a team to make your dining experience memorable. Chefs, bartenders, bussers, food runners, and servers all work together. If you look at it, servers are at the bottom. Servers need to tip out chefs, bartenders, bussers, and food runners for doing their part to make your party's dining experience memorable. If you do not tip, then that means the server basically paid for you to eat at the restaurant!

  • It's not fair.

    It might sound like someone is prosecuting you for not tipping. But what you need to remember is the reason tipping exists. Tipping is there so that the restaurant doesn't have to charge you triple the cost on your food so they can afford to pay the server minimum wage. Ideally everyone (myself included) would like a decent wage to work in the industry but we are forced to rely on tips. Make sure when you plan to go out to eat that you automatically include a few dollars in what you need for tip as part of the bill in your head. It's only fair.

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