• I don't care about the Bible. Yes, you should.

    Don't even bring some religious nonsense into this. You should have sex before marriage. The first time you have sex, isn't going to be great. It's going to be painful, and likely bloody. Why anyone would want to save this until marriage is beyond me. Funny that most people who preach abstinence have actually had sex before marriage as well. And with people getting married at a much later age nowadays, it's time to forget about all this religious idiocy.

  • Yes you should because its fun

    Many people have questions about how to have sex, but it isn't always easy to get good advice. This page aims to answer some of the most common questions that people ask about how you have sex.

    It depends what you mean by having sex. Having sex can sometimes mean a number of different sexual activities, but usually it means sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse might also be used to refer to sex acts between two men or between two women.

  • Just do it

    Sex is a very natural thing that occurs in nature for all animals. For some reason, humans make a HUGE deal out of this act and put restrictions and guidelines around when and how it should take place. The religious fanatics need to grow up and accept that sex is a biological desire of our species and stop trying to control people's lives.

  • Subjective

    Entirely subjective. I lost my virginity to my ex fiancee who I truly loved. It was amazing, it was passionate and while not necessarily the most pleasurable sex I've ever had, it was certainly some of the best just from the raw power of the emotions between us. My current partner is just the same (yes I love her too) but the pleasure with her is great also. I slept with two former partners who didn't deliver in the emotional aspect of sex, I don't regret them, I just don't really care to remember them that much and certainly don't associate them with love. Now why should people have or not have sex before marriage? It's entirely up to the person involved, it is their body. If it is legal and consenting then there is nothing wrong with it, even better if you love the person, just be safe and make sure that you can deal with the responsibility should mistakes occur. We have evolved to derive pleasure from sex and life is incredibly short - why not enjoy what you have? My answer is a firm yes. From a historic/scientific standpoint: Marriage is an invention of man kind, it has not existed as long as the species and people were having sex prior to the invention of this institution. Just because there are various groups who seem to feel they have a monopoly on the sex lives and marital behaviours of others doesn't give them any inherent power alongside it. Enjoy sex, disregard haters.

  • It's a matter of personal opinion

    I'm not saying everyone should have sex before marriage, or even that everyone has to think it's ok, but we really should condone those of us who chose to do so.

    I do believe that it is generally better, in terms of both safety and health, to not have sex with random people.

    I am also not condoning people who believe, for one reason or another, to wait for marriage. Both options are perfectly acceptable, and in most western societies, considered generally acceptable.

    Both options, of course, have positives and negatives, so really, it's just a matter of personal opinion.

  • This is old fashioned idea

    If anyone judge people who have sex before marriage. Society has changed. Sex is a completely natural process, it can bring people closer. And marriage is just a huge commitment, a legal bind between 2 persons. As long as it is consensual between 2 persons, we can have sex even before marriage. As long as we are old enough, have knowledge enough, like we understand contraception since sex without contraception can lead to unplanned pregnancy or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The most important thing is we should have enough responsibility to handle consequences. I am not saying I support sex before marriage but if people feel comfortable and ready for it, so yes, we can have it.

  • Sex,best part of your life

    I feel sex is the most important thing in our life. I am just 15 and love to have sex with my gf on a weekly basis.The fucking religious customs are not to be given importance anymore in the new era. Why the hell wud anyone wait till marriage to hv sex.

  • Outdated text and idea

    Fact the bible was written by man in a time that men ruled the world.
    Why would a man have to pay 50 shekles of silver to a father for deflowering his daughter?
    Because in biblical times daughters were usually sold into marriage and virgins fetched the highest price. This fine was a way to preserve the father's investment. Buying and selling women into marriage sounds an awfully like condoned human trafficking to me.

    Meanwhile a man could have as many wives (sexual partners) as he could afford. Furthermore if his brother died a man was obligated to take his wife and family. If she asked the man for a child he was obligated to impregnate her.

  • It's not as bad as people make it to be

    In my opinion, sex should always be saved for someone who you love dearly, and plan to spend your future with. However, I don't think marriage needs to be achieved in order for those requirements to be fulfilled. There comes a point where you realize that the person you are with is likely to become your future, and you truly love them. You shouldn't have to wait for marriage after that to be able to have the experience of sex with them. I also believe that the idea of justifying the idea of abstinence by comparing marriage to "insurance" is disgusting and heartless. Sex, is supposed to be a very emotional, loving, and trusting thing really. You shouldn't feel that your significant other needs to be bound to you by marriage in order for them to be able to feel that way towards you.

  • It creates an intimate bond

    The woman I am soon to break up with is convinced that she cannot have sex before marriage. It is only pulling me apart from her, not drawing me closer. Without sex, I don't have a deep connection with her. In fact, I feel really stupid.
    Sex is just a natural process of intimacy. If a woman doesn't want to have sex before marriage, she has serious issues with intimacy. And that also leads to marriage too early, when you're really not ready for it. I know this because she admitted that her ex- husband married her after only 3 weeks because he wanted sex so bad.
    Basically, sex strengthens the pair- bonding process. Without sex during a close courtship, all she feels like to me is a buddy or a pal.

  • God says in the Bible otherwise

    No one should have sex before marriage, not ever. God made sex to unite a man and woman in marriage. We all need to obey His law and follow his word in the light. We as a Christian country need to practice his law and preach abstinence, as well as perform it. I wear a purity ring and have commuted to stay pure, we all should, but no one does anymore. It is sad.

  • Don't cheapen sex.

    All religious statements aside, although they are important, if you have sex with every person you think that you are serious with, you will be having sex with to many people. Sex is for husband and wife only. If you do it with everyone you meet, it wont mean as much.

  • No, no, no!!!

    You should not have sex before marriage. You are more likely to break up if you do, and statistics shows this! Out of everyone I have known that ever did have sex before marriage....Very few of them are still together. Mostly the ones that were engaged first for a while. Regardless, sex is meant for marriage between a husband and wife. End of discussion. I will be religious about this. The bible is against premarital sex. Also, I think it is what makes marriage special and intimate.

  • Too sacred to be reduced to 'just an experience'

    Man is more than a mere animal. Not only do we have reason, a conscience but also the ability to create. So we are not mere animals. Sex is a sacred act of two human beings becoming one i.e. not only physically but also with the ability to create a life that will be them as one. The human body wasnt created for casual sex. Sex leads to soul ties. We can argue all we want about this but life itself is regulated by spiritual and physical laws. And we dont break them, THEY break us when we dont live the way we were designed to live. Those who have ears to hear, hear.

  • No you should not have sex before marriage.

    I think if you are in a serious relationship, it is better to focus on your significant other's mind than body. You have to make sure you are on the same page, but if you have sex it will be a huge distraction. Sex makes you think you love someone although that might not be true, it might just be lust.

  • No, if you do you cheapen it.

    Sex should be considered a sacred act of intimacy and only should happen between people who have made a vow of love to each other. It doesn't have to be marriage, but it does need to be a sincere vow that this is something sacred and respecting of each other. It makes all the difference between something that is a loving act and something that is just a physical act. The element of shared intimacy and dignity towards each other is something that is not to be missed.

  • Wait for the right time

    Some young people have intercourse before they are ready, which can make them regretful in later life. If a person is ready to have sex before marriage, then by all means, they can. But some people want to wait until marriage, or at least a serious relationship, before have sex. It also shows the level of care and commitment their partner has for them, by waiting until marriage. It is different for each person. I, personally, want to wait until marriage, but I would not condemn someone who has had sex before marriage.

  • Of Course! As long as you don't mind the risk.

    Religious 'morality' aside, sex with multiple partners drastically increase your chances for STDs and unplanned pregnancies. Children raised outside of marriage also have a more difficult time developing healthy relationships because their prime examples are their parents. It also creates a need for a certain prowess in the bedroom that your partner might not be able to satisfy and this could put undue stress on the marriage and create a yearning that might lead to infidelity. Saying you should do something because it is fun is the argument of a child.

  • No not yet

    Sex is a supposed to be a special thing between a husband and wife. If we start having sex with every person we date then when we get married it won't feel any different than your last boyfriend or girlfriend. I am 16 and I am proud to say that I am a Virgin and I will stay that way until my wedding night. People need to start realizing that we only have 1 chance to do something and once that is gone you can't get it back. Sex is for marriage

  • No, it's so much better for you to not do it

    Sex is supposed to be something important. There is no reason to throw it away to someone you're not going to marry. Do what you want I'm just giving advice... Only have sex with one person in your life. Do it with the person you love. You can do it before marriage or when you're engaged or after marriage but only do it with one person when you're sure you're going to marry them and be with them forever. There is no reason to have sex with people you date. Sex is for love. Real love so just be with your person, no one else. Sex isn't something to cheapen, to make casual, to lose its specialness, to lose it's importance. It already has lost importance and meaning for most people so don't let it happen to you. I have noticed people who have sex with more than one person don't care about it. They're like "it's just sex" or "it feels good." it's really sad to see but if you don't care it's not my problem. I'm just here to offer some say for people who do care. The best thing to do is have sex with only one person, that's really it. Love them and stay with them.

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ladiesman says2017-11-17T03:10:44.787
There is no right or wrong answer, the decision to have or not have sex before marriage is up to the individuals in question. In this age, more and more people are having sex outside the confines of marriage.