Should you sacrifice your life to save someone else's?

  • You don't have to want to die to sacrifice youself.

    I am a full-time EMT and a volunteer Firefighter. I have based my life around helping others. In my opinion any Firefighter(or EMT) who won't put it all on the line to make sure everyone goes home does not belong in the brotherhood(this goes for police and military as well). However make no mistake I just as willing to take a life. I got my CCW(concealed weapon permit) not really protect me, but the people around me. I hope I never even have to draw my weapon, but in the end if need arises I will without hesitation. I'm not afraid to die, because I have made peace with the world. I have seen so much pain, suffering and death. I help people so they may have a happier(because better is subjective) life than I did.(just a note I am 21 years old at the time of writing this) I also need to say I'm willing to do near suicidal acts to help/save people. If you have not picked up on this my propose in life is to help others. In summary do I want to die, no. Would a give my life to save someone even a total stranger, in a heartbeat.

  • Always do it to save others

    If there is any need for self sacrifice.If it's the way of saving others in a dire situation I would do it gladly.Sacrificing yourself for helping other people is a bliss you will only experience once and it has a feeling that is indescribable. Sacrificing yourself to help others this is how the heroes have always done the work it's the way for making the world better

  • No second thoughts

    Sometimes, I feel like my life has no meaning to it, that I'm not of worth to anyone. And that's ok. I will live my life protecting others, and I'll die protecting others as well. Just because I lead a miserable life, doesn't mean others have to as well. I've considered myself dead since a long time ago. This life is merely a vessel for me to fulfill my ideals, that is to protect the people around me. Even if I am to die protecting someone I cherish, I'd do it with a smile on my face.

  • I will for anyone

    What is the meaning to life?! I would take a knife to the heart to save the ones i love, including my friends, i don't want to see my best friend taking a bullet for me, it would be too painful to watch....I don't want to be seen as someone who watched their friend die!

  • Life has no value.

    My life has no value. I live, eat, listen, breath but there is no meaning in it. Thing that makes life precious is love. And person whom i love has a cancer. And i would do everything to save her. Even the final sacrifice- life for life. But there is nothing i can do. I cant cure her.

  • This is my purpose

    I am a lonely guy and i have really nothing to live for. I have nothing to lose by saving someone and dying in the process. The way i see it is that it is my purpose to help people. When people are running away from something i am always the one running towards it. When people are just standing around an injured human doing nothing, i am the one to actually do something.

    Better to die a hero then living a life where no one would do the same for me

  • Life is a blessing and they say, SHARE YOUR BLESSINGS!

    Just like God, he is able to sacrifice his own life to save other people. If we know that someone deserve to longing his life...Why not? Remember, we live for a reason but sometimes, we need to help others.
    For example, you know that you are nearly going to die. You can donate your body organs to those who really need it to survive and continue their life.

  • Life is a blessing and they say, SHARE YOUR BLESSINGS!

    Just like God, he is able to sacrifice his own life to save other people. If we know that someone deserve to longing his life...Why not? Remember, we live for a reason but sometimes, we need to help others.
    For example, you know that you are nearly going to die. You can donate your body organs to those who really need it to survive and continue their life.

  • I would sacrifice

    Being the selfless person I am, I would most definitely save someone else's life rather than my own. Yes, our lives are important, but saving someone else and being their 'savior' makes you feel good about yourself and makes the saved person think of you as their hero. Saving someone is doing a good deed, not a bad deed. If you wouldn't save someone, then that guilt would build up inside of you, and you probably wouldn't want to live with that.

  • Yes you should

    I would sacrifice my life to save someone Else's life because they deserve a life that I haven't had so yeah I would give someone a life that I would of loved to have and all you out there who are spite full and so full of themselves think of other people before you put some thing as no wonder why nobody likes you cuz you are spiteful

  • No, Life is important

    What's the point of being born if you can sacrifice your life anyway. It is really unfair to sacrifice your own precious life. Life is the most important thing in the world. This might seem a bit selfish but your own life is valuable as the person your sacrificing for.

  • Why should I die to save another's life? Isn't my life just as valuable as theirs?

    In a lot of action movies, there is one character who sacrifices his or her life to save another. We then ask ourselves, "Would I do the same thing if I were that character?" I never had answered yes to the question. I know I would try my best to survive rather than being a hero by saving others. You might say this is not a thing to be proud of- I am quite sure that some would think this is a shame. However, I don't think the same. Why should I die to save another's life? Isn't my life just as valuable as theirs?

  • You are not obligated to sacrifice yourself; the choice is yours and yours alone.

    The question is wrong; it should be "would." We are not given the task of saving others because, really, we are all alike. We can't save anyone without losing ourselves in the process, and even if we try, it is not guaranteed that we can succeed. We say it's the effort that counts, and I agree, but the question is just wrong. Overall, the sacrificing your life for others is your decision to make and only yours to make.

  • No never

    One's life is more precious than anything else in the world. Would losing that other person in your life be so life changing that you absolutely cannot live without them? We are not born to give up our lives for the sake of other people, but to live, be fed, and feed ourselves to our superior in the food chain.

  • No not ever

    The life of a stranger has no value to me. I would kill entire nations before ever hurting someone I love. Let alone sacrifice myself for anyone else but my family. This doesn't mean that I dont care about other people. This means that if I don't know the person, I wont risk even a toenail for them.

  • Your life is your priority

    Your own self-care and self-protection are your own priority. This is not selfish this is important. Don't give your life up for anyone (including a child) because as horrible as this may seem you really need to take care of yourself first before you take care of others. 😊 😊

  • Easier said than done.

    I think we all want to answer yes to this question but if you really ask yourself deep down inside, would you really risk your life to save someone's life? Of course it's an easy answer when it comes to family and loved one, you would do it in a heartbeat. But a stranger or someone you know but not that deeply? That's the difficult part. I wanted to answer yes to this, because that is the person and values we all aspire to, to be "honourable" and selfless. However, I really sat down and imagined, if I would actually do it. And it's sad to say that in reality most of us wouldn't. If there is a tsunami approaching and someone is stuck under a large item and can't move. I would surely try my best but only as far as I know I can get away in time as well. There would come a point where it is futile to try and save them and then risking your life would have been worthless. Or how about taking a bullet for someone? Would you do it? I imagined what I would think in those last few moments and I would think about my family, my parents, my partner and how I have the option (and opportunity) to survive and be reunited with them. Unfortunately, I would choose that. It makes me feel guilty to say it but should I feel guilty for wanting to survive and live out my life with my loved ones when I have the chance?

  • My life matters too.

    It depends on whose life i am saving by giving mine. If it was my children, then yes definitely. But I would not take myself from my children and cause them the pain that comes with losing their mother. That is not fair to them or me. Why should I give my life for someone who i do not know? What makes their life more important than mine? It would kill me knowing that I could have saved someone else, but it would kill my family knowing I gave my life to keep their family from feeling the pain that they are now feeling.

  • If it's someone who loves me and I love them, of course not

    If the person loves me they would be crying and sad when I die. The last time I get to see them, they would look sad. When I have to leave someone for good and not see them for a really long time, I'd rather see them happy and smiling. And if they love me, they would want me to live. I would be fulfilling a wish. Dying for that person is not their last wish. So it won't be mine.

  • Why would you physically sacrifice yourself?

    Humans and genetically prone to want to survive, most of the comments over there are just to make everyone look like they are a good person but I honestly doubt that any of you really mean it. Also think of you're killing yourself but there is no guarantee that the person you die for will survive after a few minutes. Maybe the person that killed you was lying and also killed the person you meant to survive, what would be the purpose of sacrificing you're life then? Also doesn't it depend on the age range and the superiority in society? I mean would you kill yourself for your parents who have sacrificed a lot for you and have gone through more experiences than you? I mean wouldn't it bring sadness to you're parents if you died for them after everything they've done so much to protect you? Along this topic what if the person you are sacrificing you're life for is a hobo or someone in a lower life for you. Would you kill yourself for them if you have more potential in life then they who are on the streets. *Don't worry about if you feel you are narcissistic thinking and feeling this, as I said humans are prone to want to survive.

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