Should you sacrifice your life to save someone else's?

  • No second thoughts

    Sometimes, I feel like my life has no meaning to it, that I'm not of worth to anyone. And that's ok. I will live my life protecting others, and I'll die protecting others as well. Just because I lead a miserable life, doesn't mean others have to as well. I've considered myself dead since a long time ago. This life is merely a vessel for me to fulfill my ideals, that is to protect the people around me. Even if I am to die protecting someone I cherish, I'd do it with a smile on my face.

  • I will for anyone

    What is the meaning to life?! I would take a knife to the heart to save the ones i love, including my friends, i don't want to see my best friend taking a bullet for me, it would be too painful to watch....I don't want to be seen as someone who watched their friend die!

  • Life has no value.

    My life has no value. I live, eat, listen, breath but there is no meaning in it. Thing that makes life precious is love. And person whom i love has a cancer. And i would do everything to save her. Even the final sacrifice- life for life. But there is nothing i can do. I cant cure her.

  • Always do it to save others

    If there is any need for self sacrifice.If it's the way of saving others in a dire situation I would do it gladly.Sacrificing yourself for helping other people is a bliss you will only experience once and it has a feeling that is indescribable. Sacrificing yourself to help others this is how the heroes have always done the work it's the way for making the world better

  • If the situation calls for it yes.

    Life in general in precious, there is too much hate and anger in the world. There needs to be some good in the world. So yes I would and have risk my life to save a total stranger, if I lost my life to save another then I'd die a happy man. Hopefully that person lives to make a difference in the world.

  • I would do it

    I would save the person, the person kay be born to do great things while ourselves are doing nothing to help the world so why should
    we stop them from helping the world and if they're then we should a least die knowing the our life wasn't boring and it was worth something we help a man lived aleast be grateful....

  • I would do it

    I would save the person, the person kay be born to do great things while ourselves are doing nothing to help the world so why should
    we stop them from helping the world and if they're then we should a least die knowing the our life wasn't boring and it was worth something we help a man lived aleast be grateful....

  • For a loved one.

    I would absolutely forfeit my life for my wife and she would do the same for me. When I love someone, there's nothing I wouldn't do for them. It was the same when I was in the army. If I went to combat, I would've gladly laid down my life to save my brothers in arms.

  • Yes, I do believe sacrificing is normal in everyday life.

    I do believe sacrificing is in everyday life, a example could be Jesus dying on the cross, he died for his people and to meet his father God in heaven. A contemporary issue could be the story of the man who fell into the tube tracks, a man jumped down saved his life and nearly died himself.

  • It's the right thing to do

    I believe sacrificing yourself is the correct and humane thing to do, whether it is for a stranger or a loved one. Isn't this what we want and are always striving for? A world where everyone cares for each other is one I would definitely want to find myself in.

  • No, Life is important

    What's the point of being born if you can sacrifice your life anyway. It is really unfair to sacrifice your own precious life. Life is the most important thing in the world. This might seem a bit selfish but your own life is valuable as the person your sacrificing for.

  • Why should I die to save another's life? Isn't my life just as valuable as theirs?

    In a lot of action movies, there is one character who sacrifices his or her life to save another. We then ask ourselves, "Would I do the same thing if I were that character?" I never had answered yes to the question. I know I would try my best to survive rather than being a hero by saving others. You might say this is not a thing to be proud of- I am quite sure that some would think this is a shame. However, I don't think the same. Why should I die to save another's life? Isn't my life just as valuable as theirs?

  • You are not obligated to sacrifice yourself; the choice is yours and yours alone.

    The question is wrong; it should be "would." We are not given the task of saving others because, really, we are all alike. We can't save anyone without losing ourselves in the process, and even if we try, it is not guaranteed that we can succeed. We say it's the effort that counts, and I agree, but the question is just wrong. Overall, the sacrificing your life for others is your decision to make and only yours to make.

  • No never

    One's life is more precious than anything else in the world. Would losing that other person in your life be so life changing that you absolutely cannot live without them? We are not born to give up our lives for the sake of other people, but to live, be fed, and feed ourselves to our superior in the food chain.

  • Why should I?

    Why should i save someone life, when they won't save mine. My Parents went through hardship to watch me grow, so if i were to die, wouldn't it go to waste, and serious they can take care of the own life, don't except someone to save someone, as everyone has there own life, wouldn't you leave your family for someone else lives.

  • No without a shadow of a doubt

    Plain and simple i value my life, why should i care about other people. Family, friends , random people, even the love of my life i wouldnt save them, this is selfish but damn i care about my self more than them.Id throw anyone under the bus to keep living ,honstly i think my life is more important than theres

  • Id like to think my life is more valuable than many others...

    To simply say it is the "right thing to do" is laughable. Although a very nice gesture, extremely short sighted. Should a doctor, who has the potential to save many lives give his own to save, let's say, a murderer, or should a mother of a new born child give hers for a random pedestrian with no family? Although some may disagree, I'd like to say no. The live of another is unmatched and can be viewed as both extremely valuable or priceless. I would argue that no life is "worth" sacrificing mine for, but that is not to say I wouldn't do it.

  • We are all equals

    Why give up your own life to save someone else's? I firmly believe that everyone's life is worth the same amount. If you lose your life to save someone, is it really a good thing? The person you are saving will be glad, and his friends/family will be happy. However, is it worth it to condemn your own friends and family to a life of sadness, because you weren't there for them? And, the person you save might not be so grateful. Yes, he's thankful that you saved his life, but he will have the guilt, the guilt of having witnessed another human being sacrifice himself. It will be extremely difficult to overcome that guilt that someone else died for you. That saved man may start making bad choices: drugs, suicide, etc. As for yourself, will you really be happy? You just gave up your own life to save that of another. You feel momentary happiness surge through yourself, then you realize that you just let everyone you know down. It may sound incredibly selfish, but, if you really think about it, it's just as selfish to have someone else sacrifice his life for yourself. Of course, there are exceptions. Say you are unemployed, have no living family, and have no path to take in your life, and you have a chance to save the life of an important figure. Then, it's "worth it," but only if the person you save is certain to make a positive difference in this world. Or, if you are near death, and will die soon anyways. Go ahead. However, if you don't, nobody will be able to justly judge you. Even if someone contributes more to society than you, that someone is still worth the same mount as you. You are all human beings. We may feel a need to forfeit our own lives to save others, but it is not required. This 'value of a person" is merely an illusion, created by society to 'rank" people by their benefits. Don't fall for it. Speaking by true value, not by position in life, not by wealth, not by age, but by your meaning in this universe, your meaning as a person, the reason you exsist, we are all equals. Your father is your equal. Your daughter is your equal. Your best friend is your equal. Your wife is your equal. The president is your equal. All those strangers you see every day are your equals. The homeless, the poor, the wealthy, the powerful, the children, the elderly, EVERY SINGLE PERSON in this world is your equal. Treat them as such.

  • Only my child/niece/nephew.

    No life is worth more than another. Giving up my life in the place of another would be senseless, except by choice to enable a young relative to live and experience adulthood and continue within the family line of the next generation. I have experienced life to middle age. I would gift that to another family member but would not cause my family to suffer by sacrificing to a stranger.

  • Why should you? People should take responsibility for their own lives

    Think about it: if you die for someone, how will you know what you have accomplished? You won't be alive to see the results of your actions, Say, for example, you see a stranger being harassed and you save his life - but that results in you dying. Then, what happens if a few days later he dies anyway - from an attack or illness or suicide. What would be the point of your sacrifice then? You would've thrown your life away for nothing. Even if the person you save does live a happy life because of you, it's not worth your life - especially if you don't know them well.

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