• Of course - But it is hard

    I do believe that virginity is virtue for women. It is hardest thing I have ever done.
    It has made me highly sentimental and basically hold a more philosophical view of life.
    Waiting until marriage is helping me to actually love myself. Sometimes I cry, and pray that I will find a nice man one day. But my tragedy is that sometimes we think that virginity alone will ensure a lasting marriage, but it is false. My mother waited until marriage, and my parents got divorced. This tragedy that happened completely distorted my view of love, that it should be sacrificial. My virginity is sacrificial, but my greatest fear is getting divorced. It is hoping for the best when you could end up with the worst.
    It is guys you think are worth it rejecting you only because you won't have sex with them.
    It is a 3.5 million dollar tempting bid that I wish to take. It leads to the choice of selling yourself and avoiding heartbreak, avoiding marriage.... Because who would want to marry a woman who sold herself while the whole world knows?
    But virginity is also stepping into a marriage, and watching your future love life fall apart, and living a life of continuing emptiness.
    My only option is to not put all of my eggs in one basket, or to not idealize marriage, but to continue finding my own personal growth and hopefully improve my relationship with god, if there really is one.

  • A Gift to Be Given

    What do you do on your wedding night when you have already experienced what God has created to be between a husband and a wife? Where is the thrill, the surprise, and the anticipation. I am a girl. My parents gave me a purity ring with a promise. I would save myself for my husband someday.

  • Yes, if you want to get married.

    If a person seriously wants to marry, then their dating experience should be focused on finding the person that they want to be with for the rest of their lives. Once you are married it is expected that you will have sex exclusively with each other and it just is more unique if your married partner just is your only sexual partner, and not one of a long line of others. It makes that sexual relationship sacred.

  • It's safest to wait.

    Yes, it's a personal choice as to whether one wants to have premarital sex, and I concede we all have free-will and the right to behave in a way we deem appropriate. However, the question does say "should", and the healthiest thing is to wait. Healthy for one's body and healthy for the potential offspring that may result. Hey! It's my opinion, though if one is an adult they can make their own informed decision.

  • Becomes more precious

    Most people don't understand how this is a tradition but mattered because it displayed affection and endearment. Saving your virginity is a way of saying, "you found the one" and doesn't make sense for horny teen and young adults to screw anything in sight. Its also a sense of control.

  • Yes I think?

    Based on both sides arguments I think that i am going to save my virginity until I get married. That doesn't mean that I'm telling everyone else to do the same. I am 18, just graduated highschool, and i still believe that having a relationship let alone sex is to much of a commitment to have during highschool and upcoming college. I feel like the risk of being that one condom that broke or faulty birth control pill izs to great, because something like that can ruin you college career. Especially if you can barely afford college, imagine expenses and time put in to having a child.

  • Sex addiction :/

    I'm very into sex like I CRAVE it but I'm 17 but I'm a virgin I lost my first kiss someone who broke my heart and it was devastating because now i know that I can never get it back something as important as sexual intercourse should be saved until marriage I have a huge sex drive. It's so hard to hold it in because of sociality but I refuse to give in. Because sex will be like finding gold once you have waited long enough.

  • Of course you should save

    It's really your choice, but you shouldn't just let a random stranger take this from you. You need to be treasured. It's not just something you can give away. Also, if you meet someone you really truly love, I guess there can be some exception, because you'll probably end up marrying, but I still think you should do it after you get married, and if they dump you, you'll most likely feel lonely and lost, and insecure. And, personally, if someone lost it before marrige, they look like a whore. BTW I'm not religious.

  • I think so.

    I'm only 19 years old and I never had a girlfriend nor I had my first kiss yet. But i'm keeping my virginity for the woman that I love. I think that marriage would be better off if the couple waited untill they were married to have sex. But this is a very debatable topic. But i'm waiting.

  • I think so.

    I'm only 19 years old and I never had a girlfriend nor I had my first kiss yet. But i'm keeping my virginity for the woman that I love. I think that marriage would be better off if the couple waited untill they were married to have sex. But this is a very debatable topic. But i'm waiting.

  • Try It Then Buy It

    You don't want to get married and then your spouse is lousy in bed. You should get to know the person you marry in more ways than just sexual but sexual included before tying the knot. Then you can truly know they are the right person and that you will stay together.

  • Premarital sex is a personal choice.

    I don't think that there is any reason to say that a person should do one thing or another. At the end of the day the decision is yours and you should make a personal choice based on what you want. You should not feel pressured in either direction as to what to do.

  • Not if they don't want to

    If somebody insists that they want to save it for marriage then hey, whatever works for you. People that don't shouldn't be looked down upon though, few people do and the number is decreasing. There's nothing morally wrong with sex before marriage if the people involved have decided that they want to do it.

  • Personal preference that should be individually chosen

    I myself am a 17 year old female that has been with the same person for the three almost four years, we are sexually active and it has bonded us together. No I don't think you should just go have sex with anyone, but if you are emotionally connected then absolutely. Who is to tell you when you can have sex? It's nature, people hide having sex because of the "standards" being sheltered and having to hide stuff shows why so many teens get pregnant. Nobody is teaching us sexual education, I learned myself. We have sex regularly at 17 and I wouldn't change how we did anything as far as decisions. We are almost grown adults, once again it's nature. You shouldn't be forced to wait until marriage to have sex, your wedding night should be special. Not awkward and uncomfortable, it would cause such a weird atmosphere. I have not and will not regret losing my virginity to him, he's special to me and it was my adult decision. Everyone should decide for themselves instead of letting a silly ring decide for them.

  • A risky choice

    Virginity is a personal choice.
    Sex is presumably a choice of two consenting adults.
    Remaining a virgin brings a certain reverence.
    To be revered because you have remained a virgin, becomes the wrong reason to do so.
    The risk is virginity becomes a prize with all the human frailties that come with it.
    I married a girl because I felt guilty about taking her virginity, though she did not tell me at the time she was a virgin.
    We were in our thirties, she had no right to be a virgin.
    Thank you.

  • Why would anyone want to wait

    I mean cmon sex is awesome guys I'm not gonna wait a billion years to marry some ugly lady and "settle down". I'm not that kind of person, and who does it affect? Absolutely no one. I see people acting like having your virginity is the best thing that can happen, but why is it even important? It does nothing for you at all.

    Posted by: J5
  • Why is it necessary to "save" yourself

    In fairness, the whole pureness aspect is just something that has arisen from the church. Where is there any evidence that God wants you to wait until you get married? This has stigmatised sex. There is nothing wrong or dirty with having sex with a partner that you share everything with. Whether you are married or not is completely irrelevant. All this talk of "treasuring it" and having "no guarantee that you will have connections with whom took it" is all a load of rubbish to those who think logically and aren't brainwashed by the church or other religious groups

  • Your body, your choice

    I can understand that virginity can be important to some people and that is perfectly respectable. But saving your virginity for someone isn't for everyone and that is okay too because it's hard to wait and people have differing morals. Personally, I did not save myself until marriage and in the end that was okay for me because I was educated in protection, gave it to someone I loved deeply, and it was my choice and no one elses. It's a person's own body and they should have the choice of what they do and don't do with it as long as it's not hurting anyone else. Basically, you don't have to if you don't want to, just be sure to be safe and educated on sex if you are not ready to have children.

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