• Of Course it is.

    Jobs come in many ways, and I think its a good way for those who didn't go to college or the education needed to get a job to actually get a job on Youtube. It helps people who don't have jobs get jobs. It also allows others to see the view points of other people and learn things.

  • I believe so

    I believe since you get paid for advertising and showing products and being stupid online it should be classified as a job like acting or being a director of a movie. Though many people consider it stupid and not "a real job" it should be. Even if it's not a high-paying job it still is a job

  • It isn't a formal job

    While youtube can come about as a relatively large source of finance for many due to advert monetisation, this doesn't serve as a valid argument for saying that being a youtuber is a job. I could say that it is a hobby that you can make money out of, but if it truly was a job, you would be protected by legislatory laws like not being able to work more than 40 hours a week. As you know, youtube doesn't accept any responsibility for the injury of youtubers. If being a youtuber was really a job, Google would have gotten fined many millions of dollars at this point in time.

    This is why I think being a youtuber is not a formal job.

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