• Yes, Gagarin had the misfortune to die young. If he had lived a long live, he probably could have had time to enlarge his fame in the way other retired astronauts have done.

    Gagarin is mostly celebrated in Russia and Mr. Armstrong is in the States. Why in the world has a propaganda driven government would make a celebrity out of their rival's hero? And I mean it for both sides. It's also hard to tell whose accomplishment should be considered bigger. Is it more important to be the first man to fly an airplane or the first man to cross the Atlantic on the airplane? Is it more important to accomplish a thing that no one has accomplished before or the fact this event is broadcasted on live TV? I guess it's all based on the personal perspective.

  • Yes, Yuri Gagarin should be celebrated as a hero in the United States.

    Americans should celebrate Yuri Gagarin as a hero. Gagarin made history by being the first human into space. Even though he was Soviet, this was still a monumental milestone for the space race. Gagarin's visit to space most likely encouraged American astronauts to follow suit, as well as motivate NASA to outperform the Soviets. Therefore, Yuri Gagarin should be celebrated as a hero in the United States.

  • Yes, Yuri Gagarin was a hero.

    As a pioneer of the space race Yuri Gagarin was a hero and a great scientist. He paved the way for astronauts to land on the moon, and deserves to be celebrated as such. The US is no longer in a Cold War with Russia, and Yuri Gagarin and other Russian heroes need to be celebrated.

  • Yuri Gargarin leaves a legacy in any country

    Even though Yuri Gargarin is widely considered to be a Soviet Hero his accomplishments are still impressive, even in America. He was the first human to ever journey into outer space and helped to advance the space exploration programs in both the Soviet Union and the United States. His accomplishments showed that space exploration is not only possible but pushed U.S. astronauts to achieve greater accomplishments than they might have without Soviet competition.

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