• Yes, zoo are responsible for their animals.

    Yes, I believe that zoo animals should be legally protected from injury. Zoos are responsible for their animals well being and those responsibilities should be upheld by the law. If there were laws concerning the protection of animals in zoos and enclosures, less of them would be hurt and killed.

  • Yes, zoo animals should be legally protected from injury

    Yes, zoo animals should be legally protected from injury. People should not be allowed to hurt zoo animals. While these animals are in the zoo, the zoo has the duty of taking care of them. One of the things that the zoo is responsible for is protecting them from injury.

  • Animal cruelty is wrong.

    Yes, animals deserve protection from intentional harm. This is especially true of zoo animals since they don't have the freedom to run away or go somewhere safer. Animal cruelty is a crime and it should remain a crime. If someone will intentionally harm an animal, it's not much of a stretch to say they would harm another human.

  • Human Life is More Important than Animal Life

    Zoo animals should be treasured and treated with kindness and respect. In most instances, zoo animals should be protected from injury, death and suffering to the best of the zoo handlers ability, however, there should be no formal policy protecting them from all injury. In the instance of choosing between protecting a human life and protecting a zoo animal, the human life should be given precedence. While these situations should be rare, an animal's life and well-being should never be chosen over a human's life and well-being.

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