• Yes, zoos should be banned

    Zoos should be banned because zoos could harm animals. You never know if a zoo is a harmful one or a helpful one. Animals could also get zoochoisis. A type of disease that will harm animals because they have stayed in zoos for a long time. Animals get crazy and they create un natural things on their body.

  • Yes they should be banned.

    Animals in zoos do not have a choice to be there, they are usually either captured or breed into the system. All animals should be allowed to roam free so if the animal is able to take care of themselves they should be freed and only animals who need help should be held in a zoo until they are capable of surviving on their own.

  • Zoos be should banned.

    Zoos are inhumane and should be banned. It is unnatural to keep wild animals caged simply for people's amusement. It is especially cruel to keep animals suck as hawks or cheetahs in cages because they like to roam and wander in their natural habitats. People can experience nature from movies and the Internet, and they do not need zoos.

  • Zoos are just prisons for animals

    The zoo is an outdated concept, it commoditizes animals for entertainment. Zoos do not educate our children, nor do they protect our environment, but they are cruel institutions for the animals imprisoned within them. At this moment, in our human history, do we want to pour concrete over native grasses, and build enclosures for wild creatures, or do we want to think innovatively, and protect what little remains of our real California, our heritage for future generations.


  • So that animals gonna have freedom

    God made us equally we should respect it , and so as the animals for me let us rally to banned the zoo so that the animals could have freedom and happiness. They have their own life and we should respect it. We should not prison them in the zoo because that causes them to be wild.

  • Zoo are cruel

    I think that both printed reference sources and online sources are reliable. If you know how to research on the internet, than I believe that it is easy to get a reliable and accurate source from the internet. For example, if I am doing a research paper I would only uses the information I got from the government websites like UN.Com or newspaper websites such as BBC and New York Times. And I think that people don't trust the internet that much because of the way that anyone can post their own "facts" online that you can't actually prove it without going to another website to ensure it. But I think that as long as you go to the right websites then online sources will be a more convenient way to find resources for your research since all you have to do is type the keyword on your laptop and the internet will do the rest for you.

  • Zoos should be banned

    I think that zoos should be banned, because you can already tell by the animals facial expressions and actions like walking back and forth that they don't want to be there, they want to be back home with their families, having a great time. Zoos take away their freedom from doing what they want.

  • The Reality of Zoos

    Imagine being locked in a small cage. Barred up, captured prisoner. Depressed, sad and lonely. People looking through the cage pointing as if you’re a showpiece, as if you’re just a piece of art on display.Well that’s the reality of 6,500 animals. About 175 million people visit zoos across the globe every year. Zoos claim they ‘save the endangered animals’ whereas only 10% of the animals held prisoner are endangered. What gives us the right to snatch poor innocent animals away from their families for our own sick entertainment?

    Most people think the zoo is enjoyable, innocent and fun, but I don’t know why looking at captured animals in cages is considered enjoyable, innocent or fun. “What we definitely know is that many animals suffer in zoos," Dr Alexander Zimmermann,Head of Conservation Science, said. "There are high mortality rates, there are injuries and there’s depression. The science and research also shows that wide-ranging animals — the animals that are most popular for people to see, like tigers and bears — are the animals that do worst in the zoo's." Not only that but animals such as Big Cats and Giraffes need room to stretch their legs and zoos just can’t provide the space, like the wild can.

    Have you ever been depressed? Now only a few of you will say yes to that question. An estimated 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression worldwide. And in zoos there is a different type of depression it’s called Zoochosis. It is when animals get so bored they start pacing, twirling, bar biting, tongue playing, neck twisting, head bobbing, weaving and swaying, rocking, over grooming, self-mutilation, vomiting and regurgitating. And that’s not even the worst of it!

    Marius the Giraffe. Ring any bells? No I didn’t think so. Marius was an 18 month old Giraffe. Healthy, like any other giraffe in the zoo. Then the vet at the zoo shot him. For no reason and dissected his body. After that, feeding what was left of him to the carnivorous animals. Not only this but they did all this in front of families visiting the zoo and staff working. They said it was a lesson about what giraffes look like, having a live giraffe obviously wasn’t enough. Yearly Copenhagen, Denmark's capitals Zoo has 20-30 animals put down most of them healthy.

    So do you want to continue caging the innocent? Being the villain? If you said no to those questions help me. Help them. Sadly if animals have been in the zoo there’s no going back to the wild. They’ve grown up with humans. Like if a tiger was raised in captivity it would trust humans. You may be thinking ‘what a load of rubbish!’ But it depends on what side of the glass you're on.

  • Heck yeah do you want them to have a boring life!

    Look If I was an animal in a cage I would cry and well probably die because its sad just seeing people walking past and not looking at me it would be sooooooooooooooooo so so s s ososososo broning and I would hate everyone who xame near me I wol

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  • Zoos should not be banned!

    I disagree with this because the zoos try hard to make the animals feel like there in their natural habitat, by not using fencing and using glass, they make their habitats as big as possible and they try to keep them doing their regular routines. If animals are born in captivity the zoos try to make them adapt to what would be their natural habitat. The zoos get animal’s health insurance to help them survive diseases that could kill them. They feed the animals the same food they would hunt, or eat in the wild. The animal’s habitat has to be a certain size or it is not legal to have the zoo open. For example two monkeys would have a habitat ten metres by 10 metres

  • Zoos are saving animals

    I agree that zoos should not be shut down because they are helping endangered animals, I know a lot of people say it but its the truth, there is so much pollution that sea animals are dying and there is scientific proof about it. Only 111 dolphins are left. Companies carelessly are dumping toxins, and so much waste that our amazing animals are vanishing. If it weren't for our zoos animals would be dying one after another. Its like a purge or something and all you will be hearing on the news is, another humpback whale died, or another great white was found washed up on shore. So we need to think twice about closing zoos.

  • Zoos Are Beneficial

    I do not believe zoos should be banned. I think there is a small fraction of the population that finds fault with zoos, but in reality they provide an excellent service to the communities that they are located in. Zoos can be a fun and educational outing for children or adults. I do not believe they should banned based on a small minority finding fault with them.

  • No,zoos should not be banned.

    There are several valid reasons why zoos should not be banned.First of all they provide breeding opportunities for animals that are endangered.They also provide chances for city visitors to have experiences they might not have if it was not for the zoos and the great educators that are there to provide information.

  • No, zoos should not be banned.

    I believe that zoos should not be banned as long as the animals are treated humanely. They should not be kept in cages and should live in areas that are like their natural habitats. Most zoos today strive to do that. Zoos are important for breeding and ensuring that some animals don't get extinct.

  • Zoos have lots of benefits and are educational.

    Zoos give people a chance to learn and have close encounters with them. Students from schools have the opportunity to learn and study them as well as get involved in saving endangered species this gives them a great knowledge. There are also more than a few benefits for Zoos. For example: Zoos Victoria are committed to ensuring the no Victorian terrestrial vertebrate species goes extinct. This is just on many many good Zoos out there that are actually doing the right thing. Many people who want Zoos banned are only concentrating on the bad Zoos and don't realise that some are doing the right thing. By banning Zoos your also banning Zoos that are committed to fighting extinction and saving our wildlife.

  • No they not

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  • Education not entertainment!

    The idea that one day all this animal will resting in Museum is real. Zoo should continuously receive support from public so they can maintain these animal well being. The very main objective of zoo presence will never go wary if they keep in mind the mutual respect that these animals need. Animal live there to be rescued and human go to zoo to get education. Not entertainment.

  • Education not entertainment!

    The idea that one day all this animal will resting in Museum is real. Zoo should continuously receive support from public so they can maintain these animal well being. The very main objective of zoo presence will never go wary if they keep in mind the mutual respect that these animals need. Animal live there to be rescued and human go to zoo to get education. Not entertainment.

  • Zoos are opportunities

    It is obvious that zoos provide the opportunity to see exotic or foreign animals, and that zoos can house animals to prevent extinction, but there are other benefits to zoos as well. Zoos provide income to the city, and that money the zoo receives can go to sidewalks for your kids to get safely to school or their bus stops. This comes at what expense? You could say the animals may be "unhappy" because they are not in their fully natural habitat, but as long as they are treated properly and given the correct environment, it does not seem unfair to the animals. On the topic of animal happiness, the animals are probably a lot happier not being eaten, killed, or both in the wild and if they could speak, would probably tell you that they prefer their safety and comfortability with no predators.

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