Since Abortion Is Considered Murder By Some, Should Smoking and/or Drinking While Pregnant Also Be Illegal?

Asked by: Eqcuis
  • Yes it should

    A baby has the right to bodily autonomy, just as the mother does, forcing it to absorb toxins that will cause lifelong defects and most likely destroy its life deprives it of this right. Yes the mother also has the right to do with HER body what she will, but not if that includes forcing her behavior on other people.

  • Yes it should.

    I think it should be illegal. Of course, it's going to be hard to enforce, but the fact that it poses serious birth defects should be taken into account. Of course it is not a guarantee, but jumping off a 3 story building is not a guarantee of death. Even so, both of these activities are dangerous and should not be done.

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Throwback says2016-08-14T03:17:45.827
This poll doesn't make sense. It compares a position on one behavior to criminalizing another.