• HBO will make efforts to correct the streaming issues

    With the large investment made by HBO in their new streaming service, they are not going to allow some initial bumps in the road to continue. HBO is heavily promoting their new service and want to see it become a successful new platform for entertainment. By identifying the issues causing slow streaming, they can correct them moving forward and get back on track.

  • Streaming is always worth the cost.

    Streaming is the best way to get television, movies, and music. I beilieve disks are going to be phased out, and no longer used in a few years. All entertainment will be on the Internet. Some of it will be downloaded, but most will be streaming because that is easier.

  • If you pay more for HBO you should get quality.

    In today's economy if you are going to pay more for something you should expect more. If HBO is having streaming issues then they had better figure out a way to fix the issue. Other wise quit asking subscribers to pay more for their service. Now its possible that not all the issues are squarely on the shoulders of HBO, some of us deal with some signal issues in our area. But if all HBO subscribers are having signal issues then HBO needs to do something because this service isn't free.

  • Worked fine for about 2 or 3 days

    All seemed OK, and then HBO now from my PC started crashing, hanging the browser a lot.
    I tried uninstalling Flash, reinstalling, etc. and now the audio stutters or blips every few seconds, randomly.
    This really could be a flash , Adobe issue, so HBO should press them to resolve or something.
    In any case, I'll probably have to drop the service after my free month anyhow.

  • Shold be Included

    Most companies these days have their streaming videos available online without any extra fees or costs. HBO should be no different. They already charge enough for the regular television views. They need to reconsider this fee, because I don't think customers will be happy about this. It probably would not be a huge expense to HBO to offer this.

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