Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness calls for border poll on united Ireland after Brexit. Is a united Ireland inevitable?

  • Cross border organisations

    Health-over the past few years there has been closer integration between health provision.
    Education-NI students are better off at ROI universities the cost difference between UK/Ireland is now in the tens of thousands per student. Many children cross the border to school.
    Trade-Most of NI exports are to ROI, followed by eu then relatively small trade with GB.
    Energy-there is an all island energy market and full integration in production/supply. NI energy market entirely separate from GB.
    Economy-NI economy is over 60% state funded, much of the private sector relies on state contracts what remains is agriculture, fisheries and a small amount of manufacturing and service the majority of which relies on EU exports.
    I was a unionist until brexit vote.

  • Yes, a united Ireland is inevitable.

    A united Ireland is probably inevitable given the results of the United Kingdom's referendum regarding the country's membership in the European Union. The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union; however, residents of Northern Ireland voted to remain. This division is likely to create calls for Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom, and be united with Ireland; which is a member of the European Union.

  • Yes, it will probably happen.

    The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have had their differences in the past, and I would guess that there is still some animosity there, but both are modern, developed countries who can put their differences aside. I think it would be great to see the two unite, after everything that has happened.

  • Yes, not just the 6 (although polls have always shown they don’t want to be in the republic) but the 26 in the republic get a say too as to whether we want to fund it or not. Northern Ireland is heavily subsidized to keep it running.

    Ask yourself this – if the county that you live in had been one of the 6 partitioned, looking at the upcoming celebrations where the aim was to have a free, united 32 county Ireland and only 26 became a republic and your county was still partitioned, would you still feel the same about not wanting to reunite? I could never deny or wish for that, it would be unthinkable. No matter what the cost or the hiccups, how could any Irish person be against this, I just don’t understand.

  • A united Ireland is not inevitable

    A united Ireland is not inevitable and it will never happen. The two factions are so far split apart that it is nearly impossible for unity. History is littered with such disputes. Trying to force divergent cultures to be as one is a disaster and incapable of working. Look around the world for plenty of examples.

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