• Oscar Pistorius should serve more than six years

    The recent sentence for murder given to Oscar Pistorius is exceedingly light, and a travesty to justice and the family of the murder victim. No question nap his popularity and disability factored into the decision not to sentence him longer. Hopefully, the family can find some solace in a civil suit and secure a significant monetary award from Pistorius.

  • Yes, Oscar Pistorius' sentence is too light.

    Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to only 6 years in prison for killing his girlfriend. Murder should be considered the most serious crime in society, and it should be severely punished. Convicted murderers should receive long prison sentences. Therefore, Oscar Pistorius' 6 year prison sentence is too light for the murder of his girlfriend. He should be spending life in prison.

  • He's a horrible person

    He may think he's gotten away with it but he will have to look in the mirror everyday for the rest of his life, knowing he is a murderer. He killed that absolutely stunningly beautiful woman who gave him a chance. There are many who would have passed on a relationship with a disabled person but she didn't. A part of me wish she had passed on it with him. He should have gotten life in prison.

  • Armed robbers get more prison time

    I understand Pistorius is a national hero. I also understand he has a disability. Knowing those two facts does not change his actions. He killed his girlfriend, plain and simple. I also have a disability but I am pretty sure if I killed someone, I would be in the stony lonesome for quite some time, not a trifling six years.

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