Sixty Professors Demand Sweden Respect UN Ruling on Assange's Freedom: Is freedom of the press still an issue?

  • Yes, freedom of the press will always be an issue.

    Yes, freedom of the press will be an ongoing issue, not only in the United States but across the world. Those in power have the ability to censor the media when the news does not correspond with the image one wants to uphold. Therefore, whistleblowers like Assange and Edward Snowden will have a difficult time getting their voices heard.

  • Freedom of the press is currently under attack

    In China, a man has been jailed for revealing public health issues. Assange has been under attack for revealing the conduct of people in office who are supposed to be representing the best interest of the public. To many, these issues seem separate and unconnected, but they are all about freedom of the press.

  • Disagree: Freedom of the press is not an issue in Sweden's refusal to uphold the UN Ruling to release Assange.

    No, freedom of the press is not the issue regarding Sweden detainment of Assange. The issue is instead the right to a trial within a reasonable amount of time. For various reasons Sweden has not followed through on questioning Assange in a timely manner and hence is claiming they are conducting an investigation. Based on their incompetence or perhaps stalling tactics this has impacted a timely release of Assange and the issue of freedom of the press is not a consideration in this matter.

  • No, This allegation is not about freedom of the press.

    With regards, to Wikileaks, Assange is in asylum in Ecuador. However the rape allegation from the Swedish government should allow him to be expedited. Rape is unrelated to the content published by Wikileaks, thus he should be tried seperately and on neutral soil in regards to the Wikileaks allegations and be tried in Sweden for the rape allegation.

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