Skittles on Donald Trump Jr. Tweet: 'Skittles Are Candy. Refugees Are People.': Will Donald Trump actually win the presidency?

  • Are you INSANE???

    Do you know what a lobbyist is???
    First of all... Lobbyists sway political figures through money, such as funding a presidential campaign... So what is better, someone that has no lobbyists or something that has lobbyists. Obviously someone that doesn't have lobbyists right? Because they can do what they want and aren't liable to anyone yes? Donald Trump doesn't have any lobbyists attached to him, therefore he will make more beneficial decisions for the country instead of for some random companies financial gain.
    Second of all... Donald Trump is a successful billionaire, what does our country need right now... Well we have TRILLIONS of TRILLIONS of debt, so I think a wise decision would to go with someone that knows what they are doing financially no? No, I suppose not..

    If you have 2 people, one of them you have to choose to be locked in a room with, lets call them person A, and person B. Person A is a "ranty" type yes?
    He yells mean politically incorrect statements, but he has a smart air to him, he knows what he is saying.
    Person B is a quiet type yes?
    The only things that come from his mouth are niceties, though they are contradicting statements, which makes you think they may be lies. He has been tried as a criminal for things but was found innocent. People have spoken out against him and died mysteriously, at least 4 people to be more specific.

    Finally... Take those two people into account, this is where I relate my headline... Do you want to be locked in a room and have a debate with person A, or person B?

    If you picked person B you're lying to yourself, or you're insane like the headline asks.

    Person A is Trump (obviously), making Person B Hillary.

  • No, Donald Trump will not win the presidency

    No, Donald Trump will not win the presidency. There are a lot of Donald Trump supporters, but I think there are more people who are frightened of the possibility of having him be our next president. I think a lot of people will come out and vote for Clinton to oppose Donald Trump.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    The problem for Trump is that there may be a huge amount of Republican voters that, like H W, will not just refrain from voting for the Scamster, but actually vote for Hillary. I would like to hear what Barbara has to say.I guess it will never be OK to just say something without criticism coming from every direction.

  • No, Donald Trump will not actually win the presidency.

    No, Donald Trump will not actually win the presidency because the American people are not that stupid. He may be surging in the polls, but on election day, voters will have to look themselves in the mirror and decide if they want to elect a tyrant or a sane politician.

  • He doesn't take himself seriously.

    Americans will not elect a reality star for President. Americans elect career politicians and military generals to be president. They do not elect tv stars. Trump does not control the things that he says. Voters think that he is a loose cannon. They do not trust him and they will not vote for someone they don't trust.

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