Slick Roads in Winter: Should we lower speed limits on highways in the winter?

  • Yes i think they should lower speed

    I think they should lower the speed limit on highways. I just don't think that is safe to have these 60 mile per hour speed limits its just not safe. There have been so many accidents in the past couple of years i think it would be crazy not to lower it!

  • Slick Roads Cause Accidents

    By lowering the speeding limit in winter, all drivers would be forced to drive responsibly, lowering the rate of highway casualties. Drivers who are accustomed to operating their vehicles on slick roads generally know to slow their speed, many problems come from those who are inexperienced. The lower speed limit would force all drivers to slow down, not just the experienced ones.

  • Speeds Should Be Reduced In Winter

    In areas with inclement weather in the Winter, speed limits should be reduced. Statistics prove that higher speeds during this time produce more automobile accidents. Even with a considerable amount of available education for drivers, often a false sense of security comes from driving during the other seasons of the year. Drivers may feel so confident that an accident will not happen to them that they drive as if conditions do not affect roadways. However, it is known that these wintry conditions increase stopping distance when applying brakes. Even further, if roads do become icy, stopping ability may be compromised even more. For these reasons, speeds should be reduced in Winter.

  • We Should Lower Speeds in the Cold

    Winter does provide colder and slicker roads, and we as people need to learn to slow down. I believe lowering the speed limit by 5 to 10 mph would be a good thing, as we would most likely see less accidents overall. With snow, and ice around in the winter it makes conditions so much more hazardous and dangerous it's worth slowing down for.

  • Too expensive, too variable.

    To lower the speed limits, the government would have to buy new adjusted speed signs for every existing sign, and then pay people to replace all the signs every fall and spring. Plus, you can't have a single speed limit in the winter. Sometimes you can move at the summertime limit, and others you need to move at a crawl, if you can move safely at all. Should the general limit be 20 KPH in the winter, on all roads, because sometimes you may need to go that slowly? Just use your head and drive according to the conditions, not what the signs say.

  • No, we should not lower speed limits.

    No, I think we should not lower speed limits in the winter. I think everyone should just use their heads and if the weather is obviously bad and the roads are covered use common sense and slow down. If the roads are bare then drive normally but in obvious conditions you should just be smart.

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