• They need our help to live and survive!

    If we do not help them soon they will not be alive. I believe that the future of our generation should be able to see these, MAGNIFICENT, GORGEOUS, animals! So if we do not help them our future generations will want to know about as much as they can so be smart and help them survive!

  • Humans should intrevene.

    Humans are part of the reason that snow leopards are in danger of extinction so humans should intervene. Humans have pushed farmland for livestock farther into snow leopard territory taking away the grazing land for their prey. The less land for the snow leopard prey, the less available food for snow leopards, causing decreased population.

  • Yes, humans should always intervene when animals face extinction

    It's important for humans to make it a priority to help save animals that face extinction. Especially in cases where extinction is only a possibility due to human actions there must be attempts to reverse it. Humans are just as capable at eliminating other species as they are protecting them. It's only right that humans do what they can to protect animals in danger.

  • Keep Species Alive

    We should do everything in our power to make sure the natural species of this earth do not go extinct. This is just as much their world as it is ours. We should do something to keep snow leopards to thrive. The process of natural selection isn't so natural anymore so might as well bring them along for the ride.

  • Yes, humans should intervene to help preserve the Snow Leopard species.

    Yes, humans should intervene to help preserve the Snow Leopard species. If there is something humans can do to help this species survive, there should be no question about moving forward to preserve the species. as long as the efforts aren't destructive or harmful to the environment or another species,

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