• Every play is different

    Soccer is a sport where every play is different. Although the game takes longer to score, the fans are more interested in the game and games sell out even if the team is in last place. As much as I enjoy the game of baseball which is my favorite sport to watch in person, the game is very long and the plays seem to be the same over for three hours while a soccer game that runs for three hours, each play is different.

  • Personal opinion.... Yes

    And this isn't me bashing on baseball; I've seen baseball games countless times and it can be entertaining. I think after awhile it can be hard to focus on the game because of the lack of on-field play and occasional scoring. Soccer (Football) is more fast-paced non-stop action through and through.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Yes, soccer is so much better.

    I love soccer. Now, @whitefoxvt, something makes me think you either don't play soccer, or you haven't been playing for a long time. Soccer is a very complicated sport. I should know, I have played it since I was 3 years old, and I am now 16. Don't get me wrong, I agree that soccer is a better sport.

    Thank you, and God save the king.
    ------- The-Voice-of-Truth

  • Soccer is way better.

    Soccer is way better. You just try to kick the ball into the goal or try to not let the other people try to get the ball into the goal. Soccer is so less complicated then baseball. So complicated. Plus, you hit a ball with a bat. That sounds very dangerous.

  • Soccer is gay

    Soccer is a bunch grass fairies who run around in circles and maybe get one goal per game. How is that fun to watch? If you play soccer i have no respect for you and you have no room to talk crap about any other sport. Go clean the grass stains off tour socks

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