• Social media is harmful to society!

    Social media is harmful to society. It is. Look at those people who use Facebook. Look at the people with Twitter. Look at the guys with iPhones. How do we know they have iPhones? Because they hold it in front of their faces, texting, and using social media. This is harmful. While YOU could be spending time doing other USEFUL activities, you shouldn't been facing a screen, clicking and chatting.

  • More of A weapon than social network

    The social networks like Twitter, Facebook, instragram and all those other social networks, all have one thing in common and that is cyberbullying. Anybody can do it, especially on the internet. Its bad enough to be bullied in school but just when you think your safe at home you open your facebook to see your messages full with harmful letters or threats. The social network has given people A way anonymously threaten A person withought getting in trouble for it since most kids today almost never tell their parents what's going on in their lives. Honestly I liked it better when we didn't have all this nonsense and I am sure most people would agree with me.

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  • It does do harm

    Because it does do harm in many ways. Like bullying and stuff like that. It also takes all of your time when you actually need to do. If the world would not have had this age of technology then we could have changed the world for the better of it.

  • More harm than good

    I personally don't have any social media, and glad that I don't. I constantly am distracted in class by people talking about what was posted on Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media. Those kids are also the same ones who have failing grades and harsh face to face social skills. While I do have a Kik, and a google+, I use them to stay in touch with my close friends and to get the information I need for the honor bands that I do. I hardly ever get on them else I can't get done what needs to be done, unlike others who are constantly on them and never know what is going on in the world around them.

  • Social media drives you crazy

    People don't see the true facts behind the computer screen or your phone. Many people see it as a popularity subject and others see it as a reason to harm others because no one can see the face behind the comments. I'll admit it I love social media but i don't cry or freak-out when i don't have my phone with me 24/7...Excuse me for having a life, and to those of you who have to have your phone in your hand every single second, you my friend need to unplug for a while and quit posting selfies or your food from last night's dinner :)

  • Social media may appear harmless but it is a recipe for destruction.

    Even if social media does more good for you be aware of the people around you who may not reap the same benefits of the online world as you. And sadly, you can find yourself to be easily affected by it even when your intentions are harmless. Many relationships end due to social media and the constant jealousy that manifests behind it. Twitter, facebook, and instagram allow you to pick and choose what can be viewed by particular people, opening up a world of secrecy that leave many relationships unstable. On the contrary, "liking" someone's picture from a public profile is likely to catch , someones attention. Positive or Negative. All of these new "features" in the social media world are honestly just creating a recipe for disaster. Jealous boyfriends and girlfriends are consumed in checking each other's activity on these sites instead of focusing on each other in the real world. And on an even more serious note, don't think that it just stops there. Domestic violence has become apart of life due to situations like these. I am not blaming social media for it all but trust and believe the argument began over a "like", a comment or who "I followed". If you feel social media is harmless for you than that is great an all, however watch who you share your network with and surround yourself with because they might not use it for good works. Sadly this is only the tip of the iceberg when discussing social media and its harmful effects, but I figure I'd share my story.

  • I think social media does more harm than good

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  • Its is harmful.

    Social media is good to talk to your friends and family, but many uses social media to bully people online. It also causes many people stress by making them stress about what people think about them. It is also time consuming because people spend most of their time on social media.

  • Harm than good

    It dose cause you can be cyber bullyed i have befor and its not fun all i have is instagram but i only use it to talk to family or friends and all the social media causes alot of drama and most people think about how much followers they have when that dosent matter that means how much fake friends you have i rather have real freinds that i now

  • It does not.

    Social Media is for those people who have friends in high away places. (IE: Far away) While they may be able to phone them, it just isn't convenient. This is where Social Media can come into play. It's a chat window that anybody can check at any time. What's your sister up to? Oh, she's having a soccer contest next Saturday. People who are her friends can see this without her having to call/post a letter to everyone. It's more convenient to do so. Also, cyberbullying is easily stopped with the "Ignore" and "Block" function that phones/social media sites offer.

  • I do not think so. I think it's a bit like sugar.

    Unless, of course, you let it rule your life and you do lose the ability to disconnect or unplug yourself from it. Like any tool, it's all about how and why we use it. I very seldom use Facebook but it has proved useful, it is an easy way for my family and friends, dispersed across several continents to keep up with each other, share photos and so on. I do not feel compelled to update my status or tell the world I've made yet another cup of tea or that I'll be washing my hair later.

    When I am out with friends or with family, I do not check my phone, when I am on holiday, I stay away from the Internet. Yes, it can be highly addictive (as can a lot of tech) and a lot of the activity that goes on there could be classed as fairly pointless but, it also has served some pretty cool purposes, Facebook and Twitter played a large role in organising protests during the Arab Spring, and that is just one example of how they can be used for non-asinine activities.

    Just as it us up to us to eat a healthy and balanced diet if we wish to live and be well, it's also up to us to make space and time for the things that matter.

  • Cyberbullying is now not much of trouble

    Eg. Bethany mota got out of her grey clouds through YouTube which is a social media. You can also connect with your family or friends. I have a friend who migrated to Arizona and we still know what is happening to each other through instagram, facebook so on and forth. Id you are unale to unplug from it, then it'll be a different thing.

  • There is bullying

    It is just wrong people know you're information and bully you they tease and laugh and make bad comment. Don't you people understand the danger around you and the this and you give detail for people to track you down you are like a prey and they are like a predator.

  • It is a distraction to students from their studies

    Students get distracted from their studies by their posts on those sites, or messages that they get from their friends. This cause them to waste their time while replying their friends. They also neglect ther homework while socialising with their friends. Hence, it basically has more negative effects than positive.

  • Social media does more good

    For me, social media does more good. You should know how to utilize it. Social networking sites helps in connecting friends who live in far off places. Search engines like Google are helpful as we can get loads of information. From my point of view, it's a very beneficial thing.

  • More good than bad.

    What if you are 10000 miles away from someone and you are trying to contact them or their family? Then these networks are lifesavers. If you have a group of friends and you move to the other side of the globe then these websites help you keep in touch. I personally think that they do more good than bad but i DEFINITELY respect anyone else's opinions.

  • More good than bad.

    What if you are 10000 miles away from someone and you are trying to contact them or their family? Then these networks are lifesavers. If you have a group of friends and you move to the other side of the globe then these websites help you keep in touch. I personally think that they do more good than bad but i DEFINITELY respect anyone else's opinions.

  • No, not really...

    You say bullied? Be strong and ignore. Sooner or later the "bullies" will ignore you. You say we spend too much time sticking our face to the screen. Well not all people are the same. Some people know how to balance virtual and reality. So if you want the rest of the world to do that teach the next generations since young, and the rest of the generations will do the same.

  • Social Media is GOOD....(for me)

    It has helped me stay in constant contact with my friends from previous schools, organise outings and stay updated through whatsapp groups. I've been able to teach myself bboy or breakdancing through youtube and learn more about my schoolmates through instagram and twitter. In a nutshell it depends on the purpose of social media for the individual.

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fractaldreams says2013-07-15T18:01:57.227
There's a whole bunch of interesting articles on the subject of how social media can, in fact, prove rather anti-social and has the potential to cause us unhappiness and stress (we really don't need), here's a couple:



Basically, you've got to be strong and confident if you're going to swim in those shark-infested waters! (sorry sharks, i do actually like you very much and we are more of a threat to you than you are to us!)
TheBunnyAssassin says2013-07-16T04:40:34.450
Meh, sorta useful I guess...