• Sodahead can kiss my arse. I should make a cartoon maligning them. Debate.Org is filled with true conservatives, on the other hand

    And no "malign" is not slander, so technically it is free speech, no matter how offensive the crybabies at Sodahead might find it. Too freaking bad. Grow a thick skin. Mind you I've had problems with some people here. HOWEVER, I've come to accept that a lot of people are very warm and accepting. I would say that I'm a Republican, politically. However, I'm no bigoted puritan, like the KKK members of Sodahead. I'm a true Republican. I love freedom. I'm very accepting of others, such as tomboys and autistic people (I'm autistic). I listen to both sides of the spectrum. I listen to people's sides of view. I love this site. It's a true freedom-loving site. And I love the liberals here, even though I don't agree with them a good amount of things.

  • No, is better because it encourages debate and critical thinking specifically.

    Critical thinking is something seriously lacking in much of the world's population. Websites like this can help inspire people to expand their horizons and think outside of the box, outside of the narrow viewpoint they have been socialized to have. A focus on debate helps to nurture the ability to both think for themselves and consider the words of others.

  • The Requiem of SodaHead

    I was a SodaHead'er until the other day when my SodaHead life and freedom was taken away. Too bad SodaHead lost its head in the shadow of the day's headlines, the news being whether Bruce Jenner still has his-or-her head.

    SodaHead's approach and mantra was different than Debate.Org, a difference that was inviting to me by addressing a different segment of internet personalities. Too bad the internet lost a little of its diversity. I hope Debate.Org does not suffer the same plight, for it seems that all cyber societies, do not share a representative existence by its members, only to be serfs, at the mercy and tyranny of its mastermind's objectives.

    And in saying that, this event may encourage a constructive debate (on Debate.Org) over a cyber-social dialectic, taking in account to express our cyber-social-life and our freedom relative to our cyber-Unalienable Rights:

  • Shove it SodaHead!

    How could SodaHead lock out all of their faithful users without giving them an advanced warning? That was very inconsiderate on their part. Some of these users had e-mail address and phone number to their friends stored in their messages. Now, how are they going to retrieve that information? Not to mention the personal messages they would probably like to retrieve and store somewhere else. Very unprofessional SH! VERY unprofessional! I didn't frequent that site all that much recently and I'm glad I pulled away. Shove it SodaHead!

  • Reigns Supreme is a better site than Sodahead by far. In reality, the former site offers more features and a better platform for debating issues. Very few users of Sodahead would agree with this statement, but its validity can be objectively measured by looking at the sheer volume of debates on

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