Solar power is cheaper than ever now: Should more people be using solar power?

  • More people should take advantage of this renewable energy.

    I absolutely believe that more people should be using solar power. Not only is solar power environmentally friendly and sustainable, it is incredibly affordable. It is important that our society begins to shift to using more renewable resources instead of natural gas and fossil fuels, which are not sustainable and have a hugely negative impact on our planet.

  • Yes, it's a smart choice.

    I think solar power is an excellent idea and more people should try it. I would try it if I owned a home for the sheer discounts. I also think it’s cool that we can get power from the sun to work all of our stuff. It would partially be a novelty thing for me.

  • More people should use solar power

    Solar power is one of the best renewable resources currently available. The fact that the price of solar power is coming down is one more reason to take advantage of this power. The sun shines whether the power is generated or not, and if it is not used then that power is basically wasted.

  • We need to use more solar power

    As green energy technology improves, it becomes more and more cheap and a much more viable economic option for Americans to replace the consumption of fossil fuels. Because we have access to a lot of essentially free energy from the sun and plenty of room in the US for solar panels, we need to use more solar energy as individuals and corporations.

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