Soldiers' Father's Day: Should soldiers take time out of their busy schedules to send home Father's Day messages?

  • Yes, it is a special day.

    Fathers day is a very special day to celebrate all the fathers, soldiers too should be allowed to do that amidst there tight schedules. Sending messages to their families will take very little time and it will infact act a motivating factor in their line of duty, even as it makes the family happy on the other end.

  • Father's Day is important no matter who you are

    There are so many touching stories about soldiers recording messages for Father's Day to send to their families back home. I think this is a tradition that should be upheld: these are messages that inspire hope in families that feel the strain of war. Holidays may seem cheesy and we take them for granted all too often: when soldiers record those messages, it reminds us what Father's Day is really about.

  • Soldiers should send Father's Day messages

    Soldiers should send Father's Day messages, despite their busy schedules. Many people are busy, and it only takes a minute or two to send a quick message. It can be done via e-mail or text. The thought means a lot to those back home. It also lets the parents know their child is safe.

  • All A Matter of Personal Choice

    Things like this would have a specific and very different situation for each soldier. Every single soldier would have a different experience for Father's Day and a different idea of the meaning of it. They shouldn't be forced to do this. It's a matter of personal choice. If they want to, so be it. If they don't, so be it.

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