Some FBI Agents believe the agency is protecting Hillary Clinton? Did the FBI make a deal to protect Hillary Clinton from criminal charges?

  • Yes, it all points to a deal being struck between the Clintons and the Department of Justice.

    Yes, if FBI agents have privately aired their opinions that a deal was reached in order to prevent Hillary Clinton from being indicted it seems obvious there is something going on. We're talking about FBI agents here; the opinions of professional investigators should have enough weight to make you think something's happening behind the curtains in order to keep Mrs. Clinton from facing criminal charges.

  • Yes, it is obviously.

    Investigators were reportedly forced to sign unusually extensive nondisclosure agreements that would prevent them from speaking publicly about the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email use. FBI agents are reportedly skeptical of the law enforcement agency's decision to close the Hillary Clinton email investigation without recommending criminal charges. Digging deep into Hillary's connections to Wall Street, Abby Martin reveals how Clinton's multi-million-dollar political machine operates.

  • No, they did not make a deal.

    What Hillary Clinton did was not criminal in nature. She did not break any laws. Instead she may have violated an executive order. While morally objectionable and unethical, this type of behavior is not criminal. It is the same kind of thing that happened with her husband, Bill Clinton, when he was caught with Monica Lewinsky.

  • I don't think the FBI made a deal.

    The FBI is too big of an organization and is too closely watched and checked/audited by other systems of government to be making secret deals. I do think however that the FBI is being to lenient with Clinton's charges and should take an action against her. Clinton needs to know that if she's gonna be president, she can't be sending emails to terrorist organizations.

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