• Southern culture is the best.

    I believe that southern culture is the better culture because of Southern hospitality, great cities and friendly people, great food, and traditional conservative values and pride in the Confederate and colonial heritage that all Southerners share. Also, Southern culture has a lot to do with being outside. Activities such as fishing and hunting define what most people think of as Southern culture. NASCAR was created in the South, beers such as Bud Light and Budweiser are very popular, and many sodas such as Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Coke, and Mountain Dew were all created in the South.

  • Southern moralism is better than Northern "moralism"

    The South is obviously more of Christian region than the north. The South has morals and make sure no one breaks them. The idea that the south is closed off and only for certain people is false. Although we dont see being gay a good thing we dont judge them because God told us only he can judge. We try and help what they believe and if they continue to believe we continue to help. The North without Christian culture, at least what I've seen, is thuggish and awful. You see people shooting people over drugs and people just want sex but in the south we keep each other in check.

  • Yes it was a very bad idea but it is very fun to use it helps you raise money to help people and

    There are a different story of a certain way about what they are saying about them but I personally don't listen because of this game it was probably a bad idea 💡 that she had to do the best of her as she had the other one ☝️ of being called off a new team for this reason and she came a squared away.

  • People are moving South

    The South has great economy, hence better employment opportunities. Contrary to popular beliefs, the South is not racist, backward, and ignorant any more than some Northern states. Most people in the South are conservative in term of religion, but there are a lot of tolerance in the South, even in Tennessee. Many big cities are located in the South like Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Atlanta, and San Antonio. Many Northern states are in decline such as Illinois. Southern people are so hospitable, so you never feel like you are away from home when you're there. Southern Hospitality is a way of life down there except for South Florida and South Texas.

  • South wins everytime

    Less liberal, southern football, more kind people, slower pace of life. The beach is a big plus. Warmer weather. More religion and more family oriented way of life. You ever been hunting on a farm with all your friends or go to the lake for the day in water you can actually get in (because it's not freezing). Yeah that's the south.

  • The south feels like home.

    There's just something about the warm summer nights, clear starry skies, adventure, and feeling of home in the south. The food tastes like your grandma made it, and Friday night football games are something to look forward to. Pride in both the south and America are easily seen just from driving through. Manners are a big deal, and people treat you like neighbors. To me, the south will always be home.

  • I love the land of cotton

    The South is special not because of any industrialization, but because of the people. We have Southern gentlemen and Southern belles who are friendly to all and welcoming to newcomers. We have a sense of etiquette that is unmatched in any other region of the United States. For these reasons, I am staying loyal to Dixie!

  • I love the land of cotton

    The South is special not because of any industrialization, but because of the people. We have Southern gentlemen and Southern belles who are friendly to all and welcoming to newcomers. We have a sense of etiquette that is unmatched in any other region of the United States. For these reasons, I am staying loyal to Dixie!

  • Yankees retire south

    If the north is so good why do Yankees all retire in the south? Because economic factors are in their favor. The cost of living is lower, the climate more agreeable, your neighbors are friendlier, the food is good except for Italian, and the women and men are hoter.
    In the north your family will disown you, in the south they mend their differences. In the north everyone lives in fear of their live because of the high crimes rates. In the south everyone has a pistol under their shirt, or on top. Crooks hate armed victims. In the north people are rude, obnoxious, and uncaring. In the south we lend a hand, help others out, and treat everyone fairly. The Cubs still haven't won the World Series, the Braves and the Marlins have both won. Overall the only thing the north does better is rust, poverty, violence in the hood, and Italian food.

  • South for me

    If lived in up state new york my whole life. Up state is a pretty nice place to be if you like the country. No, the entire state isnt one big city. There thousands of farms through out the state. Nyc is a dingle berry that brings the ehole state down. None of us up staters want to be accoiated with that liberal hell hole. But unfortunately it tends to worm its way up here. So with that being said, the south is a better place for patriotic hard working people to be no matter where they come from. See you soon Texas

  • Northern United States Culture is far superior to Southern United States Culture.

    The reason the United States is a Solo Superpower is because of Northern United States Culture. First, North States in the Union are far more industrialized, advanced, and profitable. Secondly, more students from Northern States go to Liberal Arts Colleges and get a more well rounded education. Next, there is only a hand full of different cultures in the Southern States, while in the Northern States there are many diverse cultures from around the World. Also, "Confederate Pride" is pride towards stabbing your closest friends in the back and enslaving African Americans because they are "less superior." Lastly, there is a larger population of Republicans in the Southern States, and less educated "rednecks" that do no good for American Culture.

  • For the North!

    Those of us in the north enjoy the nice things, like Yellowstone park, tons of snow, potatoes, some big cities, good camping places that you don't have to pay to go to, etc... Plus there isn't a whole bunch more Democrats in the NorthWest than SouthWest, like TommEJ implied. The North also doesn't support or need slavery. The Southern states are great, though.

  • More modern north

    I have experience living in both the North and in the south. THe North is more modern, openmindedd, etc. In the South, people always gave me a hard time because I tried to get graduate degrees and because I did not try to get married. They encouraged me to strive to be "barefoot and pregnant". Friendships went downhill quickly when people found out I did not want to get married. I was not even living in sin. I was more devout than most of the Southerners, and I have actually been called to lifelong celibacy (I am nunnish, I admit). They did not like that. Most of the Southern women dressed in tight clothes, acted very sensual, and were very traditional. They were polite though if I pretended to look up to them and kept what I'm really like private.

  • North is vastly superior

    Every argument a southerner makes can be debunked easily. First off, the idea that the South is somehow more moral simply because there are more prots there? Explain to me why the states with the highest rate of teen pregnancy are all in the South then? The South is more polite? I will admit that those in the South are more polite when you agree with them on nearly every issue. If you are a Catholic, Jew, Atheist, Muslim, etc. their pseudo-politeness will go away quite hastily. And then, of course, there is the fact that the South, frankly, has the least-educated citizens in the country. The universities in the North are incredible, and the only schools in the South that can masquerade as if they are on par with ANY of the Ivies are all populated by students who hail from the North. There is no redeeming for the South. They, on the whole, everything that is wrong with this country. They make establishment conservatives like myself look backwards and idiotic (not to say that the North doesn't make liberals look the same way, though) Furthermore, the environment of the North outweighs the South in every possible way. It is incredibly humid and it doesn't fully experience the four seasons like the North does. And the South's Appalachian Mountains can't even compete with New England's, much less with the Cascades of the Pacific Northwest or the Rockies. The South's only redeeming quality is their cuisine, which still can be outdone by the North's lobster and pacific salmon. The fact of the matter is that the South is inferior and any argument otherwise is written by one who is delusional.

  • South is extremely closed off.

    If one takes a look at the "yes" comments, it is clear that people who like the South dislike liberals, non-religious people, and believe themselves to be superior.

    Thus why the South sucks. It is full of people that dislike anyone that disagrees with their opinion and is eager to view themselves as morally superior than others. If one has any political opinion that disagrees with a VERY republican platform, they all whisper about you and treat you differently. This comes partly from personal experience, and is also historical.

  • North is Accepting

    South is more bigoted in race, gender, sex, and religion. One is not allowed to be gay, transgender, non-Christian without being looked down upon in the south. While these are problems in the north as well.. They do not dominate like they do in the south. Plus northern culture promotes voting for leaders who do not abuse religion to get people to vote for them even though their politics only benefit them and their wealthy friends.

  • I love the land of cotton

    The South is special not because of any industrialization, but because of the people. We have Southern gentlemen and Southern belles who are friendly to all and welcoming to newcomers. We have a sense of etiquette that is unmatched in any other region of the United States. For these reasons, I am staying loyal to Dixie!

  • Northern culture is better

    As a high school math teacher who has taught in both Georgia and Pennsylvania I have to admit the north has far better education. The kids in the South know that they will probably be passed (even if they do almost nothing the entire school year). While this is somewhat true in the north, it is not nearly as common as teachers can fail students who do nothing and the Union will still support their job security. The schools that are at, or slightly above the 50 % percentile in the north would be in the top 80 to 90% percentile in Georgia. The kids seem to understand and remember what they were taught in the north significantly better than they do in the south. Plus there are more white, educated and attractive people in the north than there are in the south. Just more competition in the job market up there forcing some of us yankees to move south of the Mason Dixon Line!

  • The North way better.

    I've been to the south and people are nice and the weather is better but that's it. The north is still way better, more liberal. You can get anything in the north, it's more culturally and linguistically diverse which keeps things interesting. We also get all 4 seasons. Also we are more healthier up north.

  • The South is a Medieval Hellhole.

    The North generally spearheaded and protected many of the American social and domestic human rights movements as a first world country in the early 1900's to ensure the good of its people. The south still remains in a stupid, backward thinking, capricious slumber in which visions of white power and hate speech are as common as the rising of the sun.

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kbub says2014-03-20T05:54:57.783
This is a southern-centered subculture (hardly mainstream Southern) vs. All of the rest of America (the American flag does not represent the North. Count the stars. Puerto Rico pending.)
InternetKid says2014-03-22T01:12:22.997
You have two completely different people fighting over what two DIFFERENT parts of the east coast are batter...