Soviet scientists created only tame foxes known to exist: Should foxes be domesticated?

  • I'm cool with it.

    Lol, I'm supposed to write a supporting argument. My grandpa, had a pet fox once, and it was pretty cool. Hows that for an argument? I don't really see what this is hurting. Maybe there is a preservation fad going on where we just need to be completely separated from nature?

    Personally I tend to disagree with this other guy saying domestication raises the odds for just about any species, but I don't forsee having a domestic population inhibiting this one so long as they aren't entirely domesticated and that's what important. Think about how cool it is that we live in the time the dog was domesticated all over again! Anyway, good for you Ruskies!

  • Yes, foxes should be domesticated

    Yes, foxes should be domesticated. While foxes that live in the wild typically only survive one to three years, foxes that have adapted to urban areas can live up to 10 years. Historically, domesticated foxes have not maintained their domestication. Through selective breeding their behavior and physical traits have become modified. This controlled breeding has created a fox that will allow itself to be petted and even beg for human attention. With mankind taking over land the foxes once roamed, domestication this creature will possibly allow coexistence instead of the foxes potential extinction due to the encroachment of the human race.

  • No, they should not.

    Humans have already domesticated enough animals. They do not need to continue to domesticate more animals. Foxes should be left alone and allowed to live out their natural lives in the wild. We do not take good enough care of the animals that have already been domesticated, like dogs and cats.

  • If it's a natural thing

    Dogs originally weren't domesticated. People saw how they could help with hunting etc and began to breed them. I guess it could be the same for foxes, but doing it in a lab setting doesn't seem right. If somehow, foxes began to stay around people and became domesticated that way, I'd feel better about it. Otherwise, it's science messing with nature.

  • Why do we need more domesticated animals?

    I wonder if mankind is rushing towards a reality where the natural environment ceases to exist and all animals are domesticated. I don't understand why scientists would waste their time on domesticating foxes when people are dying of hunger and disease. If they care so much about foxes and want one as a pet, they should work to preserve the foxes' natural habitat.

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