SPOILER ALERT!!! Lola was beheaded on Reign. Do you think she should have been?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • She was no innocent and was not smart

    First, Lola should had thought better. Should had known that Queen Mary of Scots would had never asked that from her. Yet, she believed it so quickly and there! Fell into a trap. Second. How could a mother of a sweet infant whose father is already dead, not see that if she fails and get caught, she would be executed and she would leave her son orphan? She was not smart.

  • She Commited The Crime

    Whether or not it was Lola's plan, she still pursued the assassination. Elizabeth would be a fool to not kill Lola after Lola conspired to kill her. In X Men Last Stand Magneto says it best, "You let the pawns go first." Lola was a pawn in John Knox's war against women in the monarchy. As a result, she went (died) first.

  • Still can't believe they did it

    Still in shock guys. I can't believe they went through with it. I kept hoping until the very last second. I get it, Elizabeth can't really let her live when everyone saw the assassination attempt and she's admitted guilt. Whether Elizabeth likes Lola and understands why she did it or not, she can't risk looking that weak to her people. But holy crap. Can't anyone have at least a little bit of a happy ending on this show? It's a historical FANTASY after all. Throw us a bone here. We stuck it out after losing Francis. I was excited to see what would become of Lola & Narcisse as they were reunited. I think they could have repaired their marriage. Now there are very few characters or plot lines remaining that I have any emotional attachment to. If they let Leith die, I might have to move on. Love this show but come on.

  • Killing off all the better actors

    The show took a huge dive after the death of Francis and Lola still had good scenes but I feel like they wrote her into a plot line that needed umpf. She should have been trying to hide her child abroad with Narcisse since he his technically the bastard son of a dead monarch. I don't think she would have ever considered this request knowing John had no one if she was caught. Narcisse is also in jail now so where is the baby....Being raised by Elizabeth out of pity?

  • I have no words rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • Lola was one of my favorite characters!!!

    She was only obeying orders. If anything, Elizabeth should be angry at Mary (even though Mary didn't actually tell her to do it). I'm sick and tired of Reign killing off all the good characters: Aylee, Francis, Leith (possibly) and now Lola. Lola was innocent and was only being loyal to her Queen.

  • She should have wrote to Mary to ask for clarification

    They should have had her question the letter and write to Mary and make sure the letter was real. She also should have talked it over with her husband. The real life character died of unknown causes therefore it must have been a natural death as we would have known if she tried to assasinate a monarch. I think they could have found other ways to show That Mary needs to take away Elizabeth's power. They were wrong to kill Lola and Leith and I doubt I will watch past season 4 episode 1 as to see that Mary grieves Lola properly

  • What the hell

    The show was already struggling to stay afloat after Francis' death and it started getting more interesting and then they had to kill off one of the few original characters left?? Then literally the next scene LEITH gets stabbed?? Has this show become Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead? It's a CW show for crying out loud. Deaths of the most well liked, beloved characters for shock value is what happens when writers run out of ideas so they decide to kill off some characters to spike interest because they don't know how else to surprise viewers. But they were on the right track with Mary becoming even more of a bad ass by stabbing Monroe and claiming her Scottish throne so I just don't get it. We could've had a great new storyline with what happens to Lola and Narcisse. I wanted to see their revived marriage blossom and they took that from us. Obviously I'm outraged by this decision. Lola was the last of the original lady's maids of Mary that they actually still keep in the plot. Greer and Kena are alive somewhere but the writers just gave up on them. The interesting side plots are dwindling. They better keep Leith alive because I'm rooting for him and Claude to finally have a happy ending since no one else gets a happy ending on this show.

  • Lola was the only one who could possibly CONYROL her power hungry husband!

    Now that the show beheaded Lola, what is stopping Narcisse from going back to France and becoming even more ruthless than he was to begin with. His immense lose and also his new found hate for Elizabeth will need some sort of outlet. I was hoping that he would be able to prove the royals wrong by turning into a selfless man (the gladiator fight)...So much for his chance.

  • Lola was the last character who deserved to die!

    Her innocence, charm, and loyalty was refreshing among the other scything characters. Lola deserved to live and have a second chance with Narcisse, especially now that she realizes the depths of treachery one must do for those they love. I am so sadden that Lola and Narcisse's characters will not have the opportunity to love, forgive, and explore the next chapter of their lives together.

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