Star Wars vs Star Trek: Would the Empire win against the Federation?

Asked by: Ragnar
  • Teleporters wouldn't be enough.

    If it were just between the Empire and the Federation, then the Federation would lose badly because it is not a military Starfleet. It has a diplomatic, humanitarian and scientific mission, not a military imperial one. Starfleet would have very little to offer the Rebel Alliance in terms of resistance assistance or military capability.

    Without the Jedi helping the Alliance, the Empire wins. It is only due to the return of the Jedi order that the rebels stand a chance. The Federation could not win unless the Jedi stood with them and taught Spock to use the Force. (The Force would not be with Kirk. He is too focused on mating with alien life forms, so the only mystical power he uses is his sex drive, and the only exhaust vent he fires into is between a green chick's legs.)

    Another way to think of it is that the storm troopers serve the same function as the guys in the landing party who are wearing the red uniforms: they are the disposable ones who die without accomplishing anything. There are so many more storm troopers than red-shirted crew members that the Federation would run out and have to start sacrificing main characters long before the Empire would.

  • Diplomacy Is The Fall of Men

    Each have their advantages, however the Federation loves to invite people onto their ships to talk. Yet they are terrible at handling hostiles on their ships. The Phantom Menace showed the havoc that light-sabers can unleash inside ships that are actually well defended. Next consider that light-sabers are a religious artifact, and the federation loves respecting all religions. Even were the Federation to adapt and cease falling for this, sooner or later they would probably try getting all the leadership (unarmed) together into a big room to share feelings. The federation certainly would not be dumb enough to fall for the mind tricks, the lightening on the other hand...

    I do give the federation credit: They have better armor (no armor, is better than storm trooper armor). Probably faster ships. Teleporters (against non-shielded, usually stationary targets). A few other things... But trying to negotiate with fanatical jerks, would work no better for them than it does for Israel when they agree to ceasefires no matter how many times their enemy keeps firing anyway.

  • I think the Empire would win because...

    I think the Empire would win because. . . . . . . . . . Lasers. . . . . . Death Star. . . . . . . . . EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE!. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jean Luc Picards shiny bald pate. . . . . . . . .

  • The federation will lose

    Seriously? Look at emperor palpatine! It shows in the clone wars he shocked down a small army of clones no sweat. So at maximum power it can probably knock down a group of people in the federation and there is darth vader who is exceptional in the force. There is also the Death Star

  • The federation has very little ground capabilities.

    The empires ground army has better ground weaponry and a bigger ground army. The federation mostly uses star fleet not a ground army that is a huge disadvantage for the federation. That and the federation ships have less firepower that a basic star destroyer which not only has canons but tie fighters numbering in the hundreds.

  • The federation is outmatched

    Even if the federation were to militarize the empire has a huge advantage with production. All of the empires clear advantages aside all they would have to do is constantly send moon sized pebbles at the federation frontier and they would eventually be overrun. All star destroyers have sheilds. The ground and boarding party forces are far superior. On the point of arming transporters there are hundreds of tie bombers and fighters on a star destroyer. There are maybe twelve transporters on a federation star ship? Plus the sheer amount of firepower a star destroyer has it would shred any federation ship. It would take a ton of federation ships to take out one star destroyer. It would only take one destroyer to take and occupy earth. And the empire has hundreds if not thousands of these destroyers. This shouldn't even be a question lol

  • They would be on the same side.

    In Star Wars, the Empire was the governing body and the military force for the planets.
    In Star Trek, the Federation was the governing body and military force for the planets.
    If the two where to exist at the same time, Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious would be equal as the president of the Federation of planets.

  • The federation would win

    I think the federation would win. The EU of star wars is non canon now and that is what held its most powerful firepower figures. Also star trek has weapons like quantum and transphasic torpedoes, can fight while in warp, and can use transporters as weapons. Star wars shields never appear to be very effective while star trek shields and hull armor have shown to be quite exceptional.

  • Who knows ???

    It may seem that the Empire has the advantage, but I really can't pick a winner. The star trek guys have taken on the Borg, and I believe that they are just as scary as the Empire. In the star trek episodes, they always manage to be victorious, not from superior firepower, but because of good old Yankee ingenuity.

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  • Empire can't move

    The empire's Hyperdrive system wold not work in our universe. Because the empire essentially teleports ships to the places they need and Star Trek bends Space Time to move. Also federation ships are more maneuverable and can absorb more fire power. Combined with the different spishies the Fed can pull manny resources.

  • Empire can't move

    The empire's Hyperdrive system wold not work in our universe. Because the empire essentially teleports ships to the places they need and Star Trek bends Space Time to move. Also federation ships are more maneuverable and can absorb more fire power. Combined with the different spishies the Fed can pull manny resources.

  • Tech capabilities evaluation

    I will not argue that the Empire wouldn't be a threat to the Federation. And I certainly will not argue that the technological achievements of the Empire are not impressive. But I still say that the Federation would win this war.

    Its is stated that a 54 isoton gravimetric yield would be enough to destroy a small planet. It is also stated that that a class 12 warhead has an estimated yield of 320 isotons. The Star Trek Federation has access to these weapons. A gravimetric warhead of that yield would devastate any planet and only one would be needed to destroy the Deathstar and anything near it.

    One torpedo to destroy a planet vs A giant space station being needed I hope you see the difference in capabilities there alone.

    Phasers and Photon torpedoes can penetrate shielding by adjusting the frequency at which they fire. I don't see the empire being able to do that.

    Maneuverability. While the empire has a vast array of vessels at its command including one man vessels which are incredibly maneuverable, the actual threats to a Federation vessel are much slower and less maneuverable.

    Shielding. While both sides have powerful shields, I find this is no contest as well. The Empire's shields are powerful in their universe yes, but compared to the firepower Federation shields have withstood, it is a joke. The Borg are far more advanced than the Federation, and it still takes a while for them to penetrate Federation shielding.

    Unless the Empire formed a new dark jedi order to fight the Federation, I have to give the advantage to the Federation. If it were the dark mirror universe of Star Trek, I doubt the Empire would even stand a chance then.

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Dr_Obvious says2014-08-03T03:41:32.497
The Federation is also capable of time travel. Something the Empire couldn't counter. And if all else fails, they can just have William Shatner take his shirt of. That should do it.
Ragnar says2014-08-03T04:29:10.847
I don't see time travel (or force precognition) being a factor in this, as neither have successfully militarized such abilities in spite of how many times it would have easily solved all their problems.

Imagine how boring Star Trek would be if episodes began with a member coming back from the future, to tell them the solution to all their problems.

William Shatner taking his shirt off... That is scary. I think that happened in the final episode of Farscape, the threat doubled in size every second giving mutually assured destruction; thus the two sides finally negotiated.