State Dept.: 75-year wait for Clinton aide emails . Doesn't that imply criminal wrongdoing?

  • Yes, such a long wait suggests that Clinton's aide emails are a crime

    Yes, the long wait for the Clinton aide emails suggests that indeed there was criminal wrongdoing by Hillary in using a personal email and identifying undercover CIA officials. She violated national security measures despite being explicitly instructed to use only the secure account that government officials are meant to use. This is clearly a criminal offense.

  • Elitism at its finest

    This shows that political elitism allows you to potentially get away with horrid crimes and egregious lapse in professional judgement provided you are on the right team. Every voter should take pause and think if she is that inept yet allowed to run for the highest what is the point. Imagine if any of you did a fraction of what shes accused of ...


    Her snatch is probably all old and crusty shouldn't trust no women to be our presedent. She might go take my boom boom stick away and make me divorce my sister wife. She ain't got no respect for us southern folks.

    We already ha d The Obamas now wee got them Clintons? I say Jesus Christ is the only presedent i need to rule in the US of A.

    Hail Jesus Christ.

  • The 75-year wait for the Clinton aide emails does not imply criminal wrongdoing

    The State Department came out recently with the news that processing the 450,000 pages of records requested for former Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Jacob Sullivan and top State Department official Patrick Kennedy will take a whopping 75 years. I don't think that this implies criminal wrongdoing on the part of Clinton: I believe this merely indicates that the State Department has a lot on its plate and, unfortunately, not enough people to help them deal with it all.

  • No, althought 75 years is a long time to wait it doesn't imply wrongdoing in and of itself.

    Although 75 years is an excessive amount of time it doesn't mean someone has done something wrong. More evidence needs to be found before wrongdoing can be proven. Mrs. Clinton needs to be treated just like everyone else in the country and shouldn't be tried in the media as has been done and continues to be done.

  • The 75-year wait for Clinton's email does not necessarily imply criminal wrongdoing.

    While many who do not support Hillary Clinton wish to infer that the 75-year wait on the release of her emails automatically implies criminal wrongdoing, this is not the case. As the lawyers of the State Department have stated, they simply do not have adequate staffing to review all of the emails in a shorter time span. This has no reflection on Clinton, as she has no control in the matter.

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