State senator leaves GOP to protest Trump: should other politicians follow suit?

  • Yes, I think that more politicians should leave the GOP to protest Donald Trump.

    Yes, I think that more politicians should leave the GOP to protest Donald Trump, because Trump is a very divisive presidential candidate and has said a lot of inflammatory things about different groups of people. Trump has shown that he doesn't have the temperance to lead the United States and will definitely lose to Hillary Clinton.

  • Yes, people should follow their heart

    The news that a State Senator would choose to leave the GOP in an act of protest against Donald Trump is not uncontroversial. I am firmly of the belief that politicians are elected to follow their convictions and therefore I would support this action - the senator should be applauded.

  • Protests of the GOP should continue

    A state senator from Iowa has announced that he will leave the Republican Party as part of a protest against Donald Trump. Other Republican politicians should follow his lead: Trump is changing the face of the Republican Party, and certainly not for the better. Once more Republicans start to leave, the nation will get the message that Trump isn't a good candidate.

  • A clear message must be sent that politicians do not support Trump's extreme views and statements.

    A great deal of consideration must go into whether or not Trump is a fit candidate for presidency. His views are often extreme and offensive, and, if elected, could drastically alter the way the rest of the world views the United States. Politicians taking a stand and leaving the GOP sends a clear message that they are not in support of Trump's antics and do not believe his policies and ideals properly reflect the views of the American population as a whole.

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