Stem cell brain injections let people walk again after stroke. Are stem cells the next breakthrough in medicine?

  • Stem cells are the future of medicine

    Stem cell research is fraught with controversy. Members of the pro-life movement decry this research because they believe it violates the sanctity of the rights of an unborn child. However, it seems that the controversy does not outweigh the potential benefits of this research - stem cells have been used to reverse damaging side effects of illness, which shows that medicine is on the cusp of new discoveries.

  • Stem cells are amazing.

    I think that stem cells are definitely the science of the future. It is amazing to read about what these cells can do. I think that caution needs to be taken when harvesting these stem cells. I do not believe they should be taken from aborted babies, but instead, they should be taken from the cord blood of babies after they are born.

  • Yes, they are.

    Despite thier source stem cells show a remarkable ability to help regrow nerves and tissue that was never believed to be possible before. Now that the research is being funded and the results of studies are being revealed we are sure to hear a great deal of new breakthroughs related to the use of stem cells.

  • There are many breakthroughs

    Even though stem cell injections are promising, there is a lot that we don't know about them yet. We don't know if they cause cancer. We don't know if they cause further problems on down the road. There are many breakthroughs in science and it is hard to say that stem cells are the next big one.

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