Steve Carrol invests in a store "to save a piece of Americana" in Marshfield, Massachusettes. Was this a good investment?

  • If it's a good investment for him, it's good for all of us!

    It recently came out that Carrel has a store in Marshfield that his family runs during the summer. This is great for lovers of history and for the Carrel family in general. The kids will learn how to operate a business, and the people of Massachusetts have another resident that cares about the community. Sure, Carrel might lose money on the deal, but not all good investments result in profits.

  • Yes, this was a good investment.

    Many Americans are interested in saving historic buildings and long-time businesses like the store that Steve Carrol invested in. Places like these have become popular for shoppers looking to experience something nostalgic. Carrol's investment will likely pay off, because many visitors will want to shop at the historic store. Many have invested in old fashioned stores to help preserve pieces of American heritage.

  • Yes, it's a great investment. T

    The investment probably won't make Steve Carrol any money, even in the long run, but it is a great way to preserve a small business, and as he called it " a piece of Americana". We need to preserve some of the good, positive parts of our past, while making way for improvements.

  • Yes, it was a good investment.

    Yes, it was a good investment. Saving any part of Americana is great for the United States. Also, Steve Carell is a very smart man and an amazing and brilliant actor. Any investment that he makes is definitely worth our time to check out. This was a good investment, in general.

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