• It's very offensive to questions.

    The title "Stupid Question???" implies that the question is stupid, yet a question does not have sentience or intelligence (not yet at least), Thus, the person who asked this question clearly has a grudge against questions, and decided to resort to senseless insults to feel superior. I believe the person should apologize and give this question some monetary compensation.

  • It is a very dumb question.

    The question is "Stupid Question?". It has no topic and no details, nor is this really asking anything. It's not questioning if any particular question is stupid, so it was pointless to even bring this up. But then again, the person asking this question could just be trying to troll, everyone on the internet, but either way, this is a very stupid question.

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B0HICA says2015-07-27T22:41:23.643
Please ignore this question that isn't really a question. I goofed when I posted it. I'd delete it, but I don't know how, or even if I can.