SUNY Binghamton will no long offer the "Stop White People" course. Is this an example of reverse discrimination?

  • Yes, by no longer offering the Stop White People course this is a direct example of reverse discrimination.

    By no longer offering the course Stop White People, SUNY Binghamton fuels the ever growing racial tensions and gives into the neglected issue of reverse racism in American culture. It denies people the opportunity to understand why the racial tension is at the point it is at in this country and is simply being frowned upon due to its support of understanding whiteness.

  • It was a stupid name

    The course for resident assistants had merit based on the description, but naming it "Stop White People" was just plain stupid. Teaching people about how to deal with racism and other problems is fine, but the implication of the name is that there is something inherently wrong with whites. That is racist.

  • "Stop White People" causes problems for all races

    Reverse discrimination is not a major concern for anyone, but courses like "Stop White People" spreads the notion that races should work against people of other races. This attitude is not good for people of any races and when the course is conducted by a respected institution, it lends credibility to the negative action.

  • Discrimination is discrimination, period

    Reverse discrimination is simply a phrase that is used to make people feel better about their discrimination. In reality, there's no such thing. Discrimination is discrimination, and it's always wrong. You never better yourself by trying to drag down others or putting them in a box so you can hold them up as evil. I'm shocked the class was even approved by the school's administration, they should have known better to begin with.

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