• Supply Side (Yes) and not Demand Side (No)

    I support a supply-side strategy with the economy. We must cut taxes and cut government regulation. Let's business do what I has proven to do best because we need to get the country out of recession. Supporting the supply of a country is the best way to do it since demand is more difficult to control.

  • It benefits the majority directly, rather than just the rich and hoping it will trickle down

    Supply Side policies are all very good for short term economic growth, but in the long term, they exhaust themselves and the payoff is lower. Bush's tax cuts created virtually no jobs, and Reagan's tax cuts are dubious at best. The British Labour Party after WWII pursued Demand Side policies and achieved full employment in the 1960s and early 1970s, before the IMF forced them to adopt Supply Side measures. In 1976, and arch-matriarch of the aristocracy Thatcher implemented them, mush to the disadvantage of the majority of the population.

  • Not easy to say at such higher level

    The word "Cut" is at very high level. You need to tell what type of cut..What rules should be gone..What should be the taxes. Because they are necessary to avoid whatever businesses want to do. The need of many outweigh the need of the few. Country can be out of recession by changing the attitude of the people. By making them aware of how important are saving.

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