Suspected shooter killed with bomb used by Dallas police: Should police departments use explosives to kill dangerous suspects?

  • Simple rationale really. Start with Question 1: Does he still pose a clear potential danger?

    Question: Have you exhausted all attempts at negotiation and would you green light a sniper if he called a clear shot?
    If yes then use any means at your disposal that don't endanger officers, hostages or civilians in collateral.
    If the kill order is given what does it matter how he dies?

  • Yes they should use explosives to kill dangerous suspects

    The shooting suspect told police that he wanted to kill white people. Considering all the acts of violence and terrible events that have happened in the United States for the past few months, it looks like police department has to be more proactive and use explosives to kill dangerous suspects.

  • Yes, police departments should use explosives to kill dangerous supsects.

    Police departments should be able to use explosives to take out dangerous suspects. The suspected shooter had already shot many Dallas police officers, even killing some. Therefore, the police did not want to mess around with this guy, and risk more harm to officers. The police tried negotiating with the suspect for his surrender; but he just returned fire to them. Eventually, the police were forced to use explosives to neutralize the suspect.

  • It is acceptable for police to use explosives to kill dangerous suspects.

    In some extreme cases it is acceptable for police to use any means available, including bombs, to kill dangerous suspects. Using a bomb to kill the suspect in the Dallas incident likely saved lives of innocent people. Deadly force such as bombs should be one more tool available to law enforcement when needed to stop an out of control killer.

  • If people are dying, yes.

    Many people were in danger at the shooting. When someone is killing in such mass as we have just seen, it's up to the law enforcement agencies to do whatever they can to protect the death of innocent civilians and cops, even if it means using such drastic measures. What sounds cliche is exactly that because it's true, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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