Switzerland Bans Burkas: Should a government be allowed to restrict what people wear?

  • Eliminate tribalism to propagate diversity?

    This is a balance between individual civil liberty and the culture expectation of your home nation which in this case is Switzerland. In the west our tradition, our culture is open face. We like to see the face before us, we build trust and comrade through these interactions.
    But that is only part of the reason as I see it to lift the veil. Burkas have little to nothing to do with Islam as a religion and everything to do with the systematic dehumanising of women to second class roles. That men cannot control desire if a woman shows her face, her hair is medieval bullshittery. Its time to liberate the women of Islam and removing the burka is a necessary step.

  • yes they should

    If people that wear burkas do not like it, they can always live somewhere else. You are not born with the right to wear whatever the heck you want. May be if people that wear burkas were not constantly bombing things and kidnapping people, it probably would not be a problem.

  • Freedom of expression

    The government should have no say in what people can and can not wear, or even what people must wear. It is your body and you should have the right to adorn it as you see fit, whether for religious reasons or otherwise.

    With that being said most governments, especially in the United States have laws against not wearing clothing, so Switzerland isn't really any worse. In fact I would say that banning nudity is worse because it makes it a crime to dress naturally.

  • No, a government should not be allowed to restrict what people wear.

    Governments should not be allowed to determine what people are allowed to wear. Switzerland was wrong to ban Burkas. This ban will only alienate those in the Muslim community that wish to wear Burkas because of religious beliefs. Further isolation of Muslims in Europe will create additional security problems for the continent. In short, a government should not be allowed to restrict what people wear.

  • No, a government should not be allowed to ban items of clothing that people choose to wear.

    No, a government should not be able to enact restrictions on what people choose to wear. Western governments, like Switzerland, pride themselves on offering freedoms, including the freedom of religion. When a government acts to ban burkas, the government is going against the very freedoms that it is supposed to protect.

  • No, a government should not be allowed to impose its will on what people wear.

    No, a government should not regulate what individuals wear. The government's job should be to protect basic rights, to help secure the welfare of its population, to help people who are down and out, and to maintain a sense of order. It's job is not to meddle in matters of individual expression.

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