Switzerland to STRIP jihadis of Citizenship: Will other countries follow this policy?

  • Other countries will surely consider stripping Jihadis of citizenship.

    The idea of banning certain cultures goes a long way back. Of course, things have changed and people are more open-minded. But, there are still many out there who simply prefer to be separate. Even in the United States there is serious talk about banning all Muslim immigration. If Switzerland strips Jihadis of their citizenship, it will create a path for other countries with the same mindset to follow.

  • Yes, other countries will follow this policy.

    Whether or not it is fair and just, many leaders are seeing people in these groups as a threat to both national security and the security of individual citizens. If Switzerland is stripping them of their citizenship, it is probable that other countries will be doing the same for security reasons.

  • Yes, Switzerland is right stripping Jihadists of citizenship.

    Yes, Switzerland on the right track in stripping proven Jihadists of their citizenship, and other countries should and will follow. Anyone who actively disavow the basic democratic and secular values of a Western society, such as joining a Jihadist movement, also excuse themselves from the welfare system and protections such society provides. In time, other European countries will follow Switzerland in enforcing this simple but fundamental principle.

  • Yes, some other nations will probably do the same.

    Yes, once the precedent has been set, other nations will do the same. Not every country, but a few will start to strip individuals of their citizenship. Switzerland is respected by many other nations, especially because of its neutrality stand over the years. What it does, some other nations will follow suit.

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