Tanzinea plans to invest in energy resources to end power shortages: Will this be sufficient to boost industrial growth?

  • Yes, it would.

    The jobs produced by investing in alternative energy sources as well as the benefits that come from having a more consistent power source can help bring Tanzania up to speed and increase industrial growth so as to bring Tanzania into competition with the rest of the world and help reduce poverty.

  • Yes it is

    Tanzinea plans to invest in energy resources to end power shortages. This will most likely be sufficient to boost industrial growth. Investing in energy resources is the way forward, especially as we are quickly working our way through the ones we already have. We need to start looking into the future, for our children's sake.

  • Yes, the investment in energy resources by Tanzania will boost industrial growth

    Tanzania is the planning to invest in energy projects and that will help to increase industrial growth in East Africa. By having a stable reliable energy source, they can expect more expansion of industries and a better economy. There is also a need to improve health care and education for the part of the world in addition to industrial growth.

  • Yes, it is a first big step

    Harnessing and controlling energy is a huge factor to industrial growth. Tanzinea's plan to invest in energy resources and end power shortages is a great first step that can spark greater work out put and bigger GNP. By tackling energy issues, Tanzinea is more opportunities for its businesses and its workers.

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