Technology: Does Google have a right to preinstall apps on Android phones?

  • Google can preinstall apps on Android phones

    As Google is the developer of Android phones, the company has a fundamental right to release them in any state they see fit. Indeed, this includes preinstalling apps on phones. If a customer desires to remove an app after they purchase a phone, they may do so without any problems.

  • As the owners of Android, Google may alter their own products.

    It is my belief that Google may preinstall apps onto Android phones. Google owns the Android company, and can, therefore, create the product however they like, as long as it follows government regulations. Just as a bakery can decide whether or not nuts are put into a particular desert, Google can decide what apps they will, or will not install onto their products. The consumers can decide for themselves whether or not they purchase these products. If consumers are told what they are getting beforehand, and choose to purchase the product anyway, then I believe there is no wrongdoing on behalf of the producer.

  • Google has a right to pre-install apps on Android phones.

    Google has a right to pre-install apps on Android phones because they are the makers of the operating system which powers Android phones. Thus, they know which apps make the phone work best. By not pre-installing certain apps, other apps for the same purpose that are not as good for the phones could become more popular, and cell phone providers might have more trouble fixing them. Regardless, Android phones are typically fairly easy to customize so an Android user could remove the unwanted apps.

  • No, they should not be installed unless the user actually wants the apps.

    They should only be installed if the user actually wants the apps, being given the option would be better than already having apps you might not ever use, maybe once you get your android phone and turn it on, you should be asked by the google application which apps you want to download and also have the option to choose none. My understanding is that Google is the developer of android phones and so them preinstalling apps is no brainer, but having the option gives the users more control over what apps they want and don’t want.

  • No, this needs to stop.

    Bloatware has become a major problem for phone owners, to the point that some have so many apps it is not possible to add any others. This severly reduces the functionality of phones for their users and the practice needs to be stopped or at least severly restricted. Users should at least be able to unistall apps.

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