Teen Titans Go! Should be taken off he air because it ruins the standards set by original show.

Asked by: shaddamcorrinoIV
  • The characters are far too silly and Robin is just a freakin selfish jerk now who only wants to hit stuff

    I've watched a few eps myself, and I have to say that I find this series embarrassing. Especially with Robin. Character development is a major deal, and this show has none of it. I miss Robin's caring and understanding side. Hes not a big jerk 24/7. Hes more then that! Not to mention how ridiculous Beast Boy and Cyborg are now. I mean FOR REAL!? And Starfire......She's so dumb now. Why is silliness becoming more important then anything else!? For the sake of Richard Grayson GET RID OF THIS SHOW!

  • I completely agree:

    This show is a failure, a disgrace, and a cash grab for views in a desperate attempt to upset the balance in the world by profiting off of the young ignorant masses of kids who just don't understand that they should boycott, not ascribe to, low quality filth that is designed solely to make money off of them.

  • NO it shouldn't!!!

    The new show brings in some of the features from the old show, while bringing in a new style of graphics and comedy that children will understand and enjoy( except maybe for some of Starfire's remarks). Plus,there's a lot of people that love the new show and would be crushed if it was taken off air (including me), so no, that would be a bad idea to take it off air.

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