Ten pregnant women in Dallas County tested positive for Zika. Should the Olympics be relocated?

  • Yes, the Olympics should be relocated.

    Not only is the Zika scare a real threat, but it is obvious that many everyday Brazilians don't want anything to do with the Olympics. Protests in the streets show that that Olympics should move elsewhere. The combined threat of the Zika virus and potentially violent street actions combine to make a great reason to move the Olympics.

  • Yes, the Olympics should be relocated to end the threat of Zika

    Yes, the Olympics should be relocated to end the threat of Zika. The last thing that the world wants to see is an outbreak of the virus. In order to prevent this from occurring, the Olympics should be relocated. The Zika virus is a bad virus that people do not know much about and do not want spread.

  • The Zika Virus is a public health crisis, and all possible measures should be taken to avoid further exposure--including relocating the Olympics.

    The Zika Virus is a very serious public health issue. The fact that pregnant women within the United States are becoming infected with the virus should only reiterate this point. Given the seriousness of this situation, it would be wise to relocate the Olympics; the Olympics is set to take place in Brazil where I believe the highest incidence of Zika Virus has occurred. To protect the health of pregnant women and their children worldwide, we must act responsibly and relocate the Olympics or postpone it.

  • Too late to relocate

    The Zika virus has become a very serious issue, and with the Olympics scheduled to be held in Rio, it is even more serious. Many athletes have already backed out of going to Rio for this reason, and I imagine more will follow suit. However, the problem is that it is much too late to relocate the Olympic games, which are just weeks away. Nobody else could prepare, and many of the athletes and spectators would have a hard time changing their travel plans with this short notice.

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