Texas has passed a law allowing guns in college classrooms. Will this decrease mass shootings?

  • Yes it can.

    Obviously it can, the reason that 92% of mass shootings are committed in gun free zones is because armed maniacs want to do as much damage as possible. This ABSOLUTELY will stop a shooter from targeting this University, and most likely will be an Elementary school, or something else of the like.

  • No, this will not decrease mass shootings.

    The new Texas law that allows guns in college classrooms will not reduce mass shootings on college campuses. Yes, arming more students might protect some from becoming the victims of certain crimes. However, a mass shooting happens so quickly and can be so random, that trying to stop a mass shooting can be nearly impossible. This law is hard to judge yet: some students might be able to defend themselves; however, someone intent on a mass shooting can probably still find a way.

  • I don't believe guns in classrooms will decrease mass shootings.

    Mass shootings in most cases are unpreventable. The number of citizens with concealed carry permits today are the highest they have ever been, yet mass shootings continue to occur and seldom are armed citizens present or able to prevent them. Allowing guns in college classrooms will only offer a false sense of security but in actuality will only increase the chances of accidental shootings, which statistically are the leading cause of gun fatalities in this country.

  • No, the Texas law that allows guns in college classrooms will not decrease mass shootings

    No, the Texas law that allows guns in college classrooms will not decrease mass shootings. In fact, many students will not feel safe going to class at all if guns are allowed in the classroom. The number of mass shootings that have occurred on college campuses in Texas is as such that this law cannot be expected to decrease mass shootings at all. Out of state students, however, will be less likely to go to Texas universities.

  • A new Texas law will not decrease mass shooting

    A new Texas law that will allow guns in college classrooms will not decrease mass shooting. Those that carry out these acts often have a wish to die, and this will not stop them from carrying out deadly shootings. In fact, more guns will increase violence, with there being no evidence to the contrary.

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