Texas passed a law allowing guns in college classrooms. Will this decrease gun violence?

  • Gun free zones are stupid

    Think of it, that social security office in San Bernidino was a gun free zone, but that didn't stop criminals from bringing in guns, because get this- criminals don't really care that they're breaking the law, if making what they do illegal would stop them why not just pass a bill making murder illegal? What? It is?

  • Guns stop crime

    A person who wants to kill people will go to a place where they are sure they will be in control, and have no retaliation. That is why gun free zones are dangerous- because a criminal won't say "oops, this is a gun free zone, I'd better not shoot people here!" He will not follow that rule if he is going to break a bigger rule by murdering people. They will know that the good guys will be disarmed. If good people can carry guns, they will be able to protect themselves.

  • Guns are a fact.

    There is no escaping the existence of firearms. I have carried a firearm everywhere I go for decades. I have been in many tense situations, some where there were multiple armed persons present. I can tell you that everyone tends to be more civil when firearms are present or potentially present. Of course, this doesn't apply to the nutcase you might need to shoot in self defense. Then again, that person will carry one regardless of the law.

  • Even the notion of banning guns is stupid

    The Bill of Rights isn't something a statutory body had passed - it's the universal rights of an American to feel protected, be protected and then protect him/herself. A "Gun-Free-Zone" or the government disarming its citizens isn't going to help things, if terrorists abide the laws then we wouldn't have as much problems like today, and the government only make it worse by taking away our only mean of defense.

  • Yes, it very well could

    In the rest of the state guns are easily available, and obviously people don't have to go through security to enter a college campus. Given this, one must obviously conclude that would-be shooters are already perfectly capable of bringing a loaded gun onto a college campus. If a shooter is guaranteed to have a gun, then the students should be armed too. Now, if you could eliminate guns throughout the state and the country then things might be different, but as long as they are easily available there should be few "Gun-Free Zones" out there, especially not college campuses.

  • Yes it will

    Making it illegal to have a gun in an area won't change anything, if a criminal wants to bring a gun into school and shoot it up making this illegal won't stop him, murder is already illegal, yet these guys kill people, they don't care that it is illegal, just look at prohibition, it didn't work.

  • Yes it could

    The only people that can effectively stop a mass-shooter are the people that are already on the scene. You can argue that the police can effectively stop shooters, sure. But a lot can happen in mere minutes. It doesn't take long to pull a trigger and empty a clip.

    If ARMED citizens are on scene in a mass shooting event, they can effectively stop that mass shooter in his tracks before it gets out of hand. The only thing that can effectively and immediately stop an insane person from shooting up a group of people, is another person with a gun that is on-scene. Again, the only people that can stop the shooter in his/her tracks are the people already there.

    The reason people go on shooting sprees is because they have nothing to live for and want to go out with a bang. They want to kill as many people as possible before ending themselves. Hence the reason why gun-free areas and areas with a lot of people are targeted. If there are armed guards, police, and/or armed citizens in that area, that's going to deter the shooter and he's going to look somewhere else. Notice how the worst killing sprees in the United States are all in gun-free areas or states with stricter gun laws.

  • It stands a chance of doing the opposite and increasing gun violence.

    No it is is unlikely to decrease gun violence by allowing them in college classrooms, it actually increases the chance of more gun violence. The only way individual areas, or America as a whole, will reduce gun violence is by getting them out of the hands of people and destroying them. Other countries such as the UK, have significantly less guns, and as a result have significantly less gun crime and are much more pleasant and peaceful places to live. Allowing guns in to classrooms is just another ridiculous political decision by Americans with power that will cause even more deaths.

  • The presence of guns does not equal a decrease in gun violence

    No, the Texas law allowing guns in college classrooms will not decrease gun violence. The presence of guns does not lead to a decrease in gun violence. People don't use guns violently simply because they know no one else is carrying one. They use guns because they don't know of any other solution to their problems.

  • No, this will increase it.

    There are few cases where an armed shooter has been stopped by a "good guy with a gun" and in many of these cases it was not apparent that the armed shooter was going to continue shooting. This will make it easier for people to get guns on campus and puts more people at risk.

  • Increase the guns, increase the deaths

    Look, as others have pointed out, it's not a hard and fast rule of thumb that having strict gun laws equates less deaths by guns. But, in the US, 2/3 of guns deaths are by suicides. As proven by the Coal Gas Effect that emerged in the UK and other studies (link below), accessibility to weapons or other means of death can dramatically influence the number of suicides. Many suicides are, in fact, on impulse. One study showed that 70% of those who had attempted suicide had only thought about it within the last hour (24% had thought of it less than 5 min. Before attempting). Other research has supported this. Now, if they hadn't had accessibility to a weapons or means of death on hand or nearby within that time period, they wouldn't necessarily have attempted (which is what the coal gas story emphasizes. Check it out below). So many of that 2/3 of death by gun would be severly diminished by targeting a major weapon used in suicide attempts (49.9% of suicides are done by gun according to the AFSP). Yes, there is the other 1/3 of gun deaths to target, but those would be affected as well.
    Having guns on college campuses won't make people feel safer. And also, having guns near college kids, who may be more prone to drink and party hard wouldn't really be a good idea, not to mention that college kids with a depressive disorder may not have the social support to deal with their unfortunate feelings or even understand themselves.
    And the fact that you won't necessarily be able to stop a shooter even if you have a gun. Arming the general public doesn't seem like a good idea. Arming people on college campuses seems like even less of a good idea. Who wants to risk it all just to get an education?

  • It could backfire

    It could backfire as some terrorists could come in the colleges as students with a gun and could attack without much difficulties or even the victims of ragging or bullying could just shoot the bullies and many more cases like that. So it should not be legal unless they have the license or proper authority.

  • No this will not decrease gun violence.

    With more guns on the streets it just means more things that could go wrong. Yes in a case of an attack people can better protect themselves but because random people can now have guns in classrooms a person could decide to attack in an instance. With better regulation this could be a smart law but for now it won't decrease gun violence.

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