TH would ban bottled water: Should bottled water be banned?

  • It is very dangerous for the people who drink it

    If your bottle says PET or PETE it is dangerous because the factory it came from releases dangerous fumes into the air. People living nearby a water bottle factory risk getting lung cancer or other lung diseases. Also, research has shown that the bottled water you drink is just tap water. WHO PAYS FOR BOTTLED WATER WHEN SIMPLY YOU CAN DRINK FROM YOU FAUCET FOR FREE?! It can also litter and destroy environments. Pretty soon, all the natural places you've been will be water bottle dumps! I don't think they should BAN bottled water, I just think all the boneheads on this planet need to stop selling, making, and littering bottled water. It's just sick.

  • Not a huge impact

    Water bottles aren't a huge environmental problem, regardless of how people try and portray them. Bottled water is beneficial for many people, and the impact of packaging in negligible over the long run. Banning certain bottles will only serve to make people find alternatives which may or may not be better, and definitely at a higher cost.

  • Bottle water should not be banned

    Banning bottled water would destroy a industry and ultimately jobs. Although bottled water may be viewed as none essential it should be noted that it is the only source of truly clean and pure water which has many more applications than simple drinking water. One example is the use of bottled and purified water in baby formula and the use of pet drinking water since normal tap water fluoride could be detrimental to the health of pets and infants.

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