The abduction of a newborn baby from a German hospital was stopped by a 9-year-old: Is this an embarrassment to the hospital?

  • Hospitals should take basic precautions to prevent abductions

    The woman was able to take the baby from the hospital room as the mother slept. The 9-year-old brother of the newborn followed the woman and began speaking to her. She then put the infant back and was later arrested. The hospital should have some basic security measures in place so their patients can sleep comfortably.

  • What a disgrace

    The hospital should be utterly ashamed that a 9 year old was better at keeping babies safe than they were. 9 year olds aren't particularly smart either, so anything the kid was able to deduce, the hospital employees should have been able to as well. There's no excuse for this happening.

  • Thank goodness for the children

    No, the abduction of a newborn baby from a German hospital being thwarted by a 9-year-old is not an embarrassment to the hospital. Accidents and mistakes happen and that's exactly what this was--a serious mistake. It takes vigilance by everyone as well as a willingness to step in at the right time. Sometimes children are more aware and more willing to step in a do the right thing.

  • No it is not.

    The hospital should not and cannot focus all of its efforts on making sure baby's do not get abducted. This is actually a case of a very observant very precosious 9 year old who was able to stop an unfortunate crime. The parents should simply be proud of the nine year old.

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