The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled a legalized marijuana measure can be on the ballot. Should this be decided by voters?

  • Arizona voters have the right to vote to legalize marijuana.

    The voters of Arizona are the people who live there and only the people who live there should have the vote regarding such things as the legalization of marijuana. It will be their lives that are affected and therefore it should be down to them if they want it legalized or not.

  • Yes the decision to legalize marijuana should be left to the voters.

    The United States, being a democratic country, should, by all means, leave decisions like marijuana legalization to the voters. The individual states that are allowing their citizens to vote on the matter are only handling the subject as it should be handled, democratically through a public vote. It should not have taken a supreme court decision to allow voters to do what they should have already had the right to do.

  • Yes it should

    The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled a legalized marijuana measure can be on the ballot. This should definitely be deviced by voters, as it's the public that would be using it, therefore it should be their decision as to whether the ruling should be made. Cannabis should be legalised anyway, it would stop a lot of the drug crime, and the government could make a lot of money towards their health system.

  • Yes, voters have the option to make this decision based on the USA government system

    Yes, I think based on the USA's government system, it makes sense that voters should make the decision about legalizing marijuana. Each state should be able to make this decision on their own and so it makes sense that this issue would be posted on Arizona's ballot. Marijuana is not a health risk in many ways so it is up to the states to decide.

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