The Army has found few women are signing up for combat. Do you think women belong in combat?

  • Yes and No

    Though I am very anti-war, it is necessary that our country has a good military to protect us (this does not mean having bases in foreign countries, but I guess that's a different topic). If women want to be in the army, then let them enlist. If they can make it to a combat level, then obviously, they are strong enough and skilled enough to be in combat. However, this does not mean that men and women should have different standards for getting into combat roles; there should be one standard, allowing only the best troopers to be in combat. Yes, the majority will be men (as it already is), but the women who can make it into combat will be just a good fighters.

  • Yes, women belong in combat if they want to be in combat

    Yes, women belong in combat if they want to be in combat. Women who sign up for combat in the Army are just as fit to be in combat as men who sign up for combat. There is no reason that women should not serve in the Army just as men do.

  • Yes, women should not be restricted to a limited range of service options.

    Women have proven themselves to be capable able-bodied combatants. Key physical differences between the genders has eliminated many of the reasons why women were not selected for combat positions in the past. With today's increasingly sophisticated battlefield environment, there is no reason why combat personal should be restricted based on their gender.

  • No. No one belongs in combat.

    No one belongs in combat. Most people can't fully comprehend or imagine the terrors of war, myself included. From what I can imagine, I recognize that it's a horrible and traumatic experience. Neither women nor men should have to experience that. However, if a woman or man wants to do it, they should be allowed to do so, if they are considered to be capable of it.

  • No, women are programmed to bring life into the world, not take it away.

    Women do not belong in combat. Their natural role in life is to nurture and care. They are not designed to fight and destroy life unless in defense of their own children. They could become a liability for their male colleagues who might feel they have to protect them in battle.

  • Its completely unnecessary.

    The United States is a country that does not have a shortage of able bodied soldiers. Combat is not the same as has been throughout history and the need for large standing armies is not as prevalent. The physical bodies of men and woman are biologically and physically different. One of the things that makes the American Military the most elite in the world is our tough and rigorous standards. I completely object to lowering of any standards to make people happy when women in combat roles is not needed in the first place.

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