• It has science

    The things that happened in the Bible have been proven before by science. Like the Red Sea has dead people horses and armour in it
    Remains of the Ark are also on a mountain. Although it may not always be literal it is real
    And non fiction is the correct placement

  • The bible is stupid

    For Christians, their only arguments are based on words in the bible. This has no factual evidence (unlike science). It's like me saying "there's this big pink jelly monster behind us at all times but no one can see it, see, it's written in a book!". Very believable. The bible contains sexist, racist, homophobic statements yet it is still widely followed. You can't argue the existence of a being with just a book, for all we know it could have just been a bit of a joke, you can't prove that it was written by multiple people over a long period of time. Wake up people!

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