The body builder Sajad Gharibi, known as the "Iranian Hulk" signs up to fight ISIS in Syria. Will other Middle Easterners join the fight?

  • Yes, other Middle Eastern residents will join the fight.

    The body builder, Sajad Gharibi, traveling to Syria to fight ISIS will likely inspire other Middle Eastern residents to join the fight against the terrorist organization. The Middle East needs more role models that will stand up to violent extremism. The war against ISIS can only be won when Middle Eastern countries send the resources need to destroy the terrorist organization; and for followers to reject the group's ideology.

  • Yes they wil join the fight

    Sajad Gharibi, 24, has said he will join Iranian forces fighting ISIS in Syria. The Man mountain said that ending terror in the Middle East is close to his heart .I am sure this will inspire others and even the cowardly in the Middle East will unite and join the fight against ISIS

  • ISIS will definitely recruit more fighters

    The "Iranian Hulk," whose real name is Sajad Gharibi, made headlines when it was revealed that he has joined ISIS and their operations out of Syria. It's only a matter of time before other Middle Easterners feel compelled to become part of the cause - especially since such a public figure has now become a sort of icon for their activities.

  • Just one person wouldn't work.

    Okay, as iconic as this body builder may be, I don't think this would fully convince others to put their lives on the line just because one Middle Easterner did. You would only do this because you really believe in the cause and you think that you can have an impact by participating.

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