The bumpy road to legalization: Are police unfairly targeting legal marijuana growers?

  • Yes, legal marijuana growers are being targetted

    The police are unfairly targeting legal marijuana growers and it is partly due to the confusing patchwork of laws across the states. We need to establish a uniform legalization of marijuana that will set new guidelines for the public and for growers. It is similar to the confusing legal fragmentation that some states had approved same sex marriage, while other state lagged behind. We need a change of laws at the federal level.

  • Yes, they are.

    California has decided that marijuana is legal in that state and some law enforcement officers are not happy about it. They are using regulations and other violations to punish people who grow and sell marijuana and this is an example of an unfair punishment that is unfairly distributed and is a form of discrimination.

  • Police are not focused on legal marijuana growers.

    Police may come around to do their usual inspections of legal marijuana facilities just to be sure they are abiding by the law. But much more often you see police target the "little man." They go after the teens in high school who think it's cool to smoke and sell weed. They go after the guy who just happened to have a few crumbs in his car during a traffic stop. Marijuana arrests are over half of all drug arrests in the United States when it comes to illegal drugs. You will not see these same figures for legal marijuana growers.

  • Nothing's unfair with marijuana.

    A "legal" marijuana grower does not actually exist, so it's silly to suggest they may be unfairly targeted. Marijuana is an illegal drug in the United States. Whether individual states choose to legalize it or not, within this country it is illegal to grow, sell or use marijuana. There is no such thing as unfairly targeting them.

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